Palworld Chikipi Location and Breeding Guide

Wondering where you can find Chikipi in Palworld and what Breeding combos you can use with it? This guide has everything you will need on the Location of this Pal and its uses.

Palworld has a ton of Pals that can be useful around the base or to help you with numerous activities. Since survival is a priority there would be a basic need for resources and items and you can get many useful ones from your Pal. For instance, you can get Eggs from Chikipi in Palworld which is why many players are often looking for it.

With Chikipi, players can have some interesting breeding combos as well, considering that they have a Breeding Farm setup. Since Chikipi is a pretty common Pal, players won’t face any difficulties while looking for them. If you are unaware of the location where they can be found, our guide will help you with that.

How to Get Chikipi in Palworld

Palworld Chikipi Location & Breeding Guide
Image via Pocketpair (YT)
  • There are numerous habitats in which players can find Chikipi in Palworld. They are usually concentrated towards the southwestern part of the map and players can find many by heading in from the coastline. Do note that once you trigger a Chikipi, they will attack you in flocks.
  • Apart from the map, players can also find Chikipi by purchasing them from Merchants. Since they are a common type Pal, it won’t be as expensive as many others.
  • Players can breed Chikipi with a Chikipi and hatch them from a Common Egg. Once you have the egg, place it in the Egg Incubator and wait for it to hatch.

All Breeding Combos with Chikipi in Palworld

Chikipi has a useful list of Pals that it can breed within Palworld. Here they are:

  • Chikipi – Lamball = Mau
  • Chikipi – Direhowl = Flopie
  • Chikipi – Celaray = Woolipop
  • Chikipi – Sparkit = Cremis
  • Chikipi – Teafant = Teafant
  • Chikipi – Rooby = Fuack
  • Chikipi – Penking = Felbat

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Palworld guides right here at Gamer Tweak.