Diablo 4: How To Get Barrier

In Diablo 4, players have to go through a constant onslaught of different evils in the game. Withstanding such powerful foes will require some kind of protection from their range of attacks and Barrier does exactly that. A barrier is a shielding layer around the life of your character that helps in absorbing some damage from your opponent. This will create a force field around your character. Every time you take a blow it will first chip away the Barrier layer before dealing damage to the character’s life. Here is our guide on how you can get Barrier in Diablo 4 and gain that added advantage in the game.

How to Get Barrier in Diablo 4

barrier in diablo 4

As Barrier is a status mechanic, players can get their hands on it through various Unique Items, Character Skills, Legendary Aspects, etc. After equipping these, they will add a protection layer that will absorb enemy damage accordingly. Each status will have its damage absorption rate at which it will take on attacks from your enemies. You can check out the Barrier status in their description. Unique items like Temerity Pants grant you up to 8 seconds of protection. These pants can be equipped by all the classes in the game.

Along with unique items, classes like Barbarian, Druid, and Sorcerer have skills that can take on damage from enemies. Here is a list of all the skills that add Barriers according to the classes

  • Barbarian Skills – Iron Skin
  • Druid Skills – Earthern Bulwark, Innate Earthern Bulwark
  • Sorcerer Skills – Ice Armor, Mystical Ice Armor, Protection, Icy Veil, Prime Deep Freeze

Legendary Aspects on the other hand are hard to get but provide you with a barrier that lasts longer. The aspects that players should look out for protection are Aspect of the Protector, Aspect of the Shielding Storm (Necromancer Class), and Snap Frozen Aspect (Rogue Class). You can always increase the amount of Barrier you get using the Barrier Generation in the game. It is the rate at which the shield regenerates.

That is everything covered on how you can get Barrier in Diablo 4. Check out our guides on how to get howler moss and sigil powder in the game and for more guides like these check out our dedicated Diablo 4 section.

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