Diablo 4: How To Get Howler Moss

The Howler Moss in Diablo IV is a prized herb that players can get their hands and craft different potions & elixirs. It is most extensively used to craft healing potions in the game.  Players would need plenty of them to get through their campaign. Getting the moss can be a tricky task unless you know its location and your way through the hellish lands of Sanctuary. So if you are looking to craft these potions & elixirs for your use, here is how you can get Howler Moss in Diablo 4.

How to Get Howler Moss in Diablo 4

get howler moss in diablo 4

Players can find Howler Moss in the untamed lands of Scosglen in the form of plants. One can get their hands on most of the plants quite comfortably across the area. This is also one of the earliest locations players will encounter in their campaign as it is just north of Fractured Peaks. You will have to farm and look out for more of these bushes as the amount of moss one can get from them can vary. The number you would need to craft potions and elixirs will depend so it is always better to look for more.

Other ways to get your hands on Howler Moss will be the Herb Caches or the Alchemist’s crafting material section. The caches contain random herbs from the game and you can acquire these after completing side quests in the game. While you will need some amount of Gallovine to exchange it for Howler Moss. You can then use the moss to craft moderate, major & superior healing potions which will help you restore your character’s Life. There are other weak elixirs you can make from the moss to help you with poison resistance or to improve overpower damage.

That is everything covered on how to get Howler Moss in Diablo 4. Check out our guide on how to unlock & use town portal in the game and for more guides like these check out our dedicated Diablo 4 section.

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