How To Get & Use Town Portal In Diablo 4

Going back to the main city of the zone you are in just to salvage or sell items of the loot, can sound like a hassle in Diablo 4. To avoid this, players can use the in-game mechanic known as Town Portal. For players who aren’t aware, while Waypoints in the game lets you travel from city to city, Town Portal can open up a portal anywhere through which you can fast travel back to the main hub city. Here is our guide on how you can unlock & use the Town Portal in Diablo 4 and save yourself some time traveling in the game.

How to Unlock & Use Town Portal in Diablo 4

unlock town portal diablo 4

Players will first have to go through the prologue and complete the Missing Piece Quest to unlock the Town Portal in Diablo 4. To use it, you will first have to access the Waypoint of the main hub city. For example, the main hub city in Fractured Peaks is Kyovashad. Once you have accessed the waypoint, you will then be able to open the portal anywhere in the zone and travel back to that city. This comes in handy when you have acquired loot and you want to sell, stash or salvage it in the city. As the portal will be opened till you are in the city itself, you can take your time to do these important things. Leaving the city will cause the portal to close and you won’t be able to get back to where you came from.

You can use Town Portal by pressing T on the keyboard and down D-pad for consoles. This will open up the portal through which you can walk and traverse back.

If you get attacked, the Town portal will close. You will have to keep an eye out while using it. You will get a warning if you head out of the town you are in without using the portal – the warning tells you that the portal will close if you exit the town.

That is everything covered on how you can unlock & use Town Portal in Diablo 4. If you are looking to travel on a horse in the game, here is our guide on how to get a ghost mount in Diablo 4.

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