Temerity Pants In Diablo 4: How To Get It

If you like rushing into battles then Temerity pants are just the right thing for you in Diablo 4. This is one of the Unique items that grant you a Barrier for a certain duration. Fortunately, it is not tied to a particular class and can be equipped by any class character. If you’re already trying to get your hands on it but having no luck finding it, then there’s a chance you might be missing something. So without waiting any further, let’s check out how you can find & unlock the Unique Temerity pants in D4 easily.

How Can I Find & Unlock Temerity Pants in Diablo 4

How To Unlock Temerity Pants In Diablo 4 D4
Source Image: Sofa Supastar Gaming

In Diablo 4, you can unlock Temerity Pants by defeating enemies and opening chests in World Tier 3 and 4. However, do note the chances of obtaining it are higher in the high tiers, so try farming in the World Tier 4 Torment. Make sure you complete every dungeon and try to take on boss fights. Doing so will surely speed up the process and help you obtain these powerful pants quickly. Also don’t forget the Temerity pants can also drop as a Sacred or Ancestral gear in the game.

Once you’ve successfully obtained the pant, you can equip it to any character. And it’ll provide them with Barrier protection when the health bar is 100%. Moreover, the Barrier will work as an extra 40-80% of your maximum HP. But do note this unique effect only lasts for 8 seconds. So you have a very small window to come up with a plan to win the fight. Below are all the other Buffs this Non-class Unique Pant provides.

  • Potion Drop Rate+
  • Potion Charges+
  • Healing+
  • Lucky Hit: Chance to Heal
  • Grants a 40% – 80%Barrier after healing beyond 100%. Lasts for 8 seconds

That’s all about how you can unlock the Temerity Pants in Diablo 4 easily. If you haven’t found the Harlequin Crest Helm then check out how you can obtain it. Also, take a look at the list of all the other Unique items you can get in D4.