How To Get Bankai Type Soul (Requirements Explained)

Check out this guide to know how you can unlock and get Bankai in Type Soul.

Wondering how to get the fascinating Bankai ability in Type Soul? If yes, then you are at the right place. The Roblox experience has garnered a lot of popularity in a very short period, especially amongst the Bleach fandom. And for players familiar with the series it brings a lot of its elements into the game. You will be able to experience a lot of it firsthand during your campaign. And as Bankai was arguably one of the best abilities the series introduced to the fans, it is equally hard to obtain it in the game. Here is a guide with all the stages you will have to complete to get the soul reaper ability.

How to Unlock Bankai in Type Soul

unlock bankai in type soul
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Before unlocking the Bankai in Type Soul, players will first have to maintain their Elite grade and meet the requirements. After which here is a list of all the three stages you will encounter and what are the requirements to complete them to get your hands on Bankai:

  • First stage: There are three methods through which you can complete the first stage and move one step closer to obtaining Bankai. For the first stage, you can visit the V NPC in Karakura Town to check your progress. Follow one of the methods below to clear out the stage:
    • Players will have to be in the higher ranks i.e. 1 to 200 for about 10-20 hours in the game. You will have to maintain your rank throughout for the time being between these ranks.
    • The second option for players will be to take part and win 75-80 raids. Though this may look like a lot to do in a competitive game like Type Soul unless you are sure about your rank, this may also be one of your best bets.
    • And finally, the third option would be to turn medic and heal other people in raids. This is one of the easiest options of the three that you can do.
  • Second Stage: The second stage to acquire Bankai is the same for every race in Type Soul. Players will have to get 40 Grips, 150 Hollow Kills and 3-5 Hueco Mundo mini boss kills. Once you complete these objectives you will be able to successfully pass to the third stage.
  • Final Stage: Here are the objectives you will need to complete according to your race in Type Soul to get Bankai:
    • Shinigami – Face off with the Bankai NPC and defeat him in a battle.
    • Arrancar – Comeplete the Ressurection Maze in the game.
    • Quincy – Survive the Vollständig.

That’s everything covered on how to get Bankai in Type Soul. Check out our guide on how to get Vasto Lorde & how to get Vizard Race in the game, right here on Gamer TWeak.