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Best Mount In Minecraft Legends & Their Location

Here are the best Minecraft Legends mounts and their locations.

Minecraft Legends is the latest offering by Mojang Studios in the real-time strategy genre. The objective is to stop the hostile Piglins from invading your Minecraft overworld. Since the universe is huge, traveling from one place to another can seem challenging. Thankfully, the developers have introduced mounts to bridge the gap during exploration as well as battles. They include the Horse, Bird, Bug, and Tiger mounts. With these four options, it can become difficult to pick out the one for you. Don’t worry as this guide will show you the best mount in Minecraft Legends.

Best Mount in Minecraft Legends


The best mount in Minecraft Legends by far is the Brilliant Beetle. The bug mount can break through obstacles and walls easily. So, if you want to breach an enemy base, the Beetle would be the perfect choice for you. The second best mount however is the Regal Tiger. It is faster than the Horse mount and also possesses strong armor.
Since you now know about the best mounts, find out the location of the Horse, Bird, Bug, and Tiger mounts in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends Mount Locations

The Horse will be your starting mount in the game which you will find right at the beginning. However, the other three mounts need to be found in the Overworld. To help you out, here is the location of all the three Mounts in Minecraft Legends:

Big Beak Location

The Big Beak bird mount can be located in the Jagged Peaks biome which is situated right next to the Dry Savana biome. Just look for the question mark symbol on the map when around the area. The Big Beak Mount actually resembles a large toucan, however, it cannot fly. This mount becomes incredibly useful when invading a hostile base that has no defensive air cover.

Brilliant Beetle Location in Minecraft Legends

The Brilliant Beetle can be found in the Jungle Biome. Just like getting other mounts, you will need to head to the question mark symbol on your map.

How to Get the Tiger Mount in Minecraft Legends

The Regal Tiger can be found in the Dry Savannah biome. Open the map when you are in the area and look for the question mark icon. At first glance, it seems like a massive armored upgrade to the Horse mount. It’s appearance is like that of a purple sabre-toothed tiger

That’s everything you need to know about all the mounts in Minecraft Legends. For more tips and tricks on the game, stay tuned to our Minecraft Legends section on Gamer Tweak.