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Anime Adventures: How To Get Alien Portals

Know how to find the Alien Portals in Anime Adventures and unlock exciting rewards for your units.

Alien Portals in Anime Adventures are rare Portals that can get you some exciting rewards. You can get rare upgrade materials using them that can level up and upgrade your units. Players can use Gems, complete other Portals, or play Infinite Mode to get Portals. However, you cannot get Alien Portals using these methods as they are rare. So, find out how to get Alien Portals and upgrade units.

How to Get Alien Portals in Anime Adventures

Alien Portals In Anime Adventures

Players can obtain Alien Portals by playing Alien Spaceship Infinite Mode. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding it.

1. Find the Play Room in the main spawn lobby.
2. Enter this room and start Alien Spaceship Infinite Mode. You have to clear as many waves as possible. You will have a tiny chance of finding the Alien Portal in this game mode.
3. Players must grind their way in this Mode to get the Alien Portal. It may get frustrating at times but you can conquer them through patience.

Rewards and Drops of Alien Portal in Anime Adventures

Finding these Portals may be time-consuming, but the rewards are worth the grind. Alien Portals can give you Full Power Core and Alien Cores in Anime Adventures. Players can evolve units using Full Power Core and can gain massive amounts of XP for their characters through Alien Cores.

Full Power Core:

You can evolve units like Sonic, Bang, Geno, Metal Knight, and Boron using Full Power Core

Alien Core:

The Alien Core grants 3450 XP to a unit.

That’s all in how to get Alien Portals in Anime Adventures. Likewise, find the Cursed Fingers in Anime Adventures and evolve the Itadoki unit by following this guide. If you are interested in how to get Grief Seeds, here is a guide for that. And if you haven’t evolved Pucci yet, then check out how you can do it.