Anime Adventures: How To Get Grief Seeds

Grief Seeds in Anime Adventures can unlock new characters and upgrade existing units. Here is how you can collect them.

Grief Seeds are in-game event items that you can collect to upgrade your troops and summon new units in Anime Adventures. You have to collect them during the event period and enjoy their rewards. However, there are many resources in this game and you may face trouble while collecting the Grief Seeds. So, in this guide let us take a look at how to get them.

How to Get Grief Seeds in Anime Adventures

Grief Seed In Anime Adventures

Grief Seeds in Anime Adventures are obtained through Kyubyu’s Shop and completing portals. Here are the steps below to find the Grief Seeds.

Buying Grief Seeds

  • Players can buy Grief Seeds using Gems in the lobby by interacting with Kyubyu. Here is where you can find him.
    • Below the blue spawn circle, look for Witch City Portals next to Gold shop.
    • Once you find it, talk to Kyubyu to buy these Seeds.
  • You can buy 1 Grief Seed for 15 Gems from Kyubyu.

By completing Portals

  • Out of all the ways to get Portals, the quickest way is to buy a Witch City Portal for 200 Gems from Kyubyu’s shop.
  • Apart from this, completing Infinite Mode is also a good way to earn Portals.
  • Once, you have completed a Portal, you will be rewarded Grief Seeds.

So, these are the methods to collect Grief Seeds in this game.

How to Use Grief Seeds in Anime Adventures

You can upgrade existing units with Grief Seeds to increase their attribute. Players can also unlock new units by spending a certain amount of these Seeds. Also, check out the limited-time banners that use these seeds to unlock new characters.

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