How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Adventures (Farming Guide)

Upgrade Itadoki by using Sakuno's Cursed Fingers in Roblox Anime Adventures.

Just like you, many players are eager to farm and try out the new Cursed Fingers in Roblox Anime Adventures. In this game, this item serves the purpose of buffing up any unit’s random ability. Or simply evolving the Itadoki unit with the powers of Sakuno. Doing any one of them will surely help you up your game and beat the enemies easily. However, getting your hands on this cursed item is not that easy and will require you to grind. But if you’re ready to do what it takes, then below you’ll find all the details you need to farm Cursed Fingers.

How to Farm Cursed Finger in Anime Adventures Roblox

cursed womb dungeon key to farm cursed fingers anime adventures

In Anime Adventures you can farm Cursed Fingers by beating Finger Bearer boss that spawns in the Wave 15 of Cursed Womb Dungeon. And to access this dungeon you’ll need the Cursed Womb key, which can be obtained by playing Cursed Academy infinite mode or via spending 199 Robux. If you’re still struggling with the process then scroll down to check out the steps.

  1. First, go to the Play area located on the right side of the spawn point.
  2. Next, head into the Cursed Academy Infinite mode and play until you get the Cursed Womb Key. Players can also buy it by spending 199 Robux.
  3. After that, use the Cursed Womb Key to enter the Cursed Womb dungeon.
  4. Once you’re inside, defeat the Finger Bearer boss that appears after Wave 15.
  5. Doing so will drop the 1x Cursed Fingers you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure how you can use the Cursed Fingers in the game, then below you’ll find more details.

How to Use Cursed Fingers in Anime Adventures

How to Use Cursed Fingers in Anime Adventures farm find use sakuno
Source Image: MrRhino

Players can use the first Cursed Fingers to meet Sakuno in the game. To do so, open your inventory, press on the item, and press Use. Once you’re in the Sakuno domain talk with him to get an Indestructible Cursed Finger. This finger can be used to travel back and forth whenever you want to meet this NPC. After that, go ahead and repeat the above-mentioned process to farm more Cursed Fingers. And once you have enough, meet Sakuno again and he’ll upgrade any unit’s random ability for 1x Cursed Fingers. Or you can always upgrade all the abilities of Itadoki for 5x Cursed Fingers and more.

That’s all from us on how to farm & use Cursed Fingers in Roblox Anime Adventures easily. If you’re running low on Gems, then check out this Gems farming guide. Also, take a look at the Anime Adventures Codes to get more rewards.