How To Evolve Pucci Into Puchi In Anime Adventures

Here is a guide on how to evolve Pucci into Puchi (New Moon) in Anime Adventures.

Are you struggling to evolve Pucci in Anime Adventures? Well, it can be a little tricky which is why we are here to help you. The character is inspired from the real-life anime – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. If you think that getting him was the hard part, then wait till you try to evolve him. Since you don’t know how and where to evolve Pucci into Puchi (New Moon), read this guide till the end.

How to Evolve Pucci in Anime Adventures

jios bone green baby puchi new moon
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You can evolve Pucci into Puchi (New Moon) by using a material called Green Baby in Anime Adventures. Using this material on your character will immediately evolve it into Puchi (New Moon). This sounds quite simple but you will have to grind a lot. Firstly, you will need to craft Green Baby.

Green Baby is crafted with the help of JIO’s bone. You can get this bone only after collecting 36 sinners’ souls. You will have to beat 36 bosses either in Cape Canaveral or in the Legend stages of Anime Adventures. Once you have 36 souls, you will get a single JIO’s bone. Once you use this bone, you will immediately get the Green Baby. Now, just head to the “Evolve” room in Anime Adventures. In exchange for Pucci and the Green Baby, you will receive Puchi (New Moon).

To summarise the steps of evolving Pucci-

  1. Collect 36 sinners’ souls to get JIO’s bone.
  2. Use the bone to get the Green Baby material.
  3. Go to the “Evolve” room and use Green Baby to get Puchi (New Moon).

That’s everything covered on how to evolve Pucci in Anime Adventures. We hope this guide was helpful to you. In case you want to get free items in the game, check out all working Anime Adventures Codes right here. On the other hand, if you want to know whether Pucci is the best-ranked character in Anime Adventures, check our Tier List guide right here. And for everything else on other games, check out our Roblox section on Gamer Tweak.