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Anime Adventures Tier List (January 2023): Best Units Ranked

Here's the Anime Adventures Tier List for 2022 with all the major units.

We believe Anime Adventures Tier List is something that keeps evolving due to the addition of more characters in upcoming months. Today we have a new tier list from all the new best units available now. So here’s the updated latest version of the latest tier list.


Best Units in Anime Adventures Tier List (January 2023)

Best Units in Anime Adventures Tier List

Our MK11 Tier List 2022 with all characters is courtesy of Blam Spot as he shared on his YouTube account. He’s been a reliable source for tier lists for Ultimate Tower Defense, All-Star Tower Defense, Dungeon Quest, and other popular Roblox games. And as he completed Anime Adventures in a record short time, a tier list made by him is among the best you can find out there. So without further ado here’s the Anime Adventures Tier List:

Tiers Anime Adventures Units
S Tier Dio
S Tier Diavoro
S Tier All Might
S Tier Marada
S Tier Pain
S Tier Rangoku
A Tier Blue Goku
A Tier Broly
A Tier Goku Rose
A Tier Jotaro
A Tier Nezuka
A Tier Erin
A Tier Giorno
A Tier Todorro
B Tier Inosuke
B Tier Kakashi
B Tier Karyoin
B Tier Underhaul
C Tier Johna
C Tier Luffo
C Tier Piccola
C Tier Sakura
C Tier Sanjay
D Tier Ichi
D Tier Itach
D Tier Josuka
D Tier Krillo
D Tier Naruto
D Tier Vegeta
D Tier Zoru

We also added Todorro & Josuka as per how well they worked for us in the gameplay, in this list too. We will update this list as soon as either Blam Spot adds a new video or we finish playing with all other characters.


Game Description

A catastrophic event has occurred that summoned countless threats in multiple worlds… but it also brought all the heroes together, and they need your help! Can you summon the strongest heroes and save these worlds together?

  • Lead a team of anime units to defend against waves of enemies!
  • Collect powerful, unique characters to help you fight!
  • Level up your units and build your own unique squad!

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