Anime Adventures Tier List – Best Legendary & Mythic Units

Here's the Anime Adventures Tier List for 2023 with all the major Legendary and Mythic units.

In this Anime Adventures Tier List, you can find out which are the best anime units to defend against enemies. As you are on your journey to level up your units to unlock powerful abilities and build your own squad, knowing which is the best unit for you is crucial.

Big thanks to Youtuber ToadBoiGaming for creating this tier list of OP meta units you should summon for in Anime Adventures (we have linked their video at the bottom of this article). Check it out to know why certain units are placed high or low in rankings. Note that this list is subjective and based on personal opinion, it may differ from yours.

Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures  Best Units
Must Bring Magic Flamingo (Awakened) Asuno Endeavor (Hellflame) Itachi (Susanoo) Puchi (Heaven)
Must Bring Air/Hybrid Magic Mamy (Holy) Metal Knight (Arsenal) Golden Frieza (Emperor) Aizen(Final) Lord Boros
Jio (only if it’s unique)
Must Bring Physical Pride (The One) Tango (God of Flashiness) Kiroto (Dual) Heathcliff (Admin) Melio (Assault)
Saby (Flame Emperor) Klay Gyutaro (Moon) Deku (Vigilante)
Must Bring Air/Hybrid Physical Homuru (Time Traveler) Fujitora (Admiral) Ria (Devil Princess) Hanje (Captain) Luffo (gear IV)
Usopp Usoap (God) Shigarako (Symbol Of Fear)
Utility Lao (ROOM) Daki (Obi) Chainsaw (Hybrid) Greed (Hunt) Sukuno
Unohona Crush (Ace) Erein (Founder) Lulu (Geass)
Support Emilia Goju (Six Eyes) Charmi (Sheep) Kisoko (Bankai) Gowthy (Invasion)
Wenda Tatsumiki (Tornado) Todorro (Released) Broke (Soul King) Peruna
Julio Diavoro Broke (Soul King) All Force (Symbol of Peace) Bulmy
Yoshina (Spirit) Leafy Merlyn (Infinity) Megomu (Chimera Shadow) Navi (Thief)
Orwin Mochi Charlot
Good Magic Madoko (Salvation) Noel (Valkyrie Armor) Ulquiro King (Sloth) Akeno (Fallen Angel)
Jolyne (Determination) Angel (Devil) Cel (PERFECT)
Good Physical Jokujo (Serious) Ice Queen (Empire’s Strongest) Genos (Incinerate) Bakugo (Howitzer) Carrot (Sulong)
Sayako (Sapphire Blade) Vegita (Super II) Dezu (Vigilante) Sosuke (Storm) Toshin (Hornet)
Yono (Spirit) Yamomote (Hellfire) Yamo (Captain) Power (Fiend) Kuneko (Hell-Cat)
Aki (Contract) Dark Asto Kyoka (Scarlet Lance) Mirko (Tiger Bunny) Sonic (Speed)
Sonic (Speed) Soi Fan (Hornet) Jokuko (Serious)

Note: If a particular unit isn’t mentioned here, they are not good enough in the current meta.

And that’s everything you need to know about Anime Adventures Tier List. Since you are playing the game, be sure to stay updated with the Trello Link and join the Discord server as well. Plus, we’ve got guides on how to get gems, unlock Denji and of course, the latest Anime Adventures codes.