How To Unlock And Get Denji In Roblox Anime Adventures

Here is how can get the Chainsaw Man Denji in Roblox Anime Adventures.

Anime Adventures Roblox recently got a new update where it added the unit Denjy which is based on Denji from Chainsaw Man. The recent popularity of the anime Chainsaw Man is bringing the demand for its characters to be in Anime Adventures Roblox. If you are a big fan of the anime series and its main protagonist, this will excite you. Let’s see how you can get him in Anime Adventures Roblox.

How to Get Denji from Chainsaw Man in Roblox Anime Adventures

denji anime adventures roblox


The unit Denjy, also recognized as Denji, is a limited-time character for Anime Adventures Roblox. You need to do this quickly if you want to get him as a unit in your collection.

In order to get Denji, go to the Summons Room. Here, there will be a booth called Devil Contracts. From the list, you will need to purchase a Devil Contract Tier 5. This can be unlocked for purchase after you reach Rank 5.

Now all you need to do is complete this contract by completing its mission. Once you complete it, you might or might not have a Devil City Secret Portal in your inventory. The reason for this is that it is not a guaranteed reward and you only have a small chance of getting it. This makes it a bit harder to get Denji in Anime Adventures Roblox.

After getting the Devil City Secret Portal, you need to start its mission by hosting the match. Upon completion of the mission, you will be rewarded with the unit Denjy. Take note that Denjy is a guaranteed reward if you host, you can also get it by joining another person’s hosted game. Although, doing it that way will only give you a small chance of getting it upon completion of the mission. You can also trade to get this unit in your collection.

That is all you need to know on how to get Denji in Roblox Anime Adventures. For more guides like this, check out our other guides on Anime adventures Roblox like how to get and evolve Kenpachi and the Anime Adventures Tier list.