How To Get Abstruse Sigil In Diablo 4

Need some Abstruse Sigil for your upgrades in Diablo 4? Here is how you can get it.

One of the rarer crafting materials that you can get in Diablo 4 is Abstruse Sigils. As per its in-game description, these are fragments stored in talismans and relics with unusual properties. Luckily, the process to get them is quite easy. So here is where you can get it from and the different ways to use it.

How to Get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4

Get and Use Abstruse Sigil Diablo 4
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To get Abstruse Sigil you have to Salvage Legendary Jewelry that is Amulets and Rings, at any Blacksmith.

  1. Open your map and check for the Anvil icon.
  2. Go there and talk to the Blacksmith.
  3. On the left side will be the Salvage menu.
  4. Click on the pickaxe and then click on your Legendary rings or amulets on the right menu to salvage them.

After you salvage an item you can check back on the left menu to see if you Salvaged Abstruse Sigil or lower crafting materials.

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How to Use Abstruse Sigil

You use Abstruse Sigil to upgrade your Legendary Jewelry. They can also be used to Imprint Aspects.

To upgrade your Rings and Amulets you will first need to unlock Jeweler. After you reach level 20 you will get a quest to see the Jeweler in Kyovashad. In it, you have to upgrade your Crude Ruby to Chipped Ruby. Once done you unlock the Jeweler forever and can always get it upgraded from them.

As for imprinting aspects, you need an Occultist.

  1. Go and talk to the Occultist.
  2. Place your Ring or Amulet in the Item slot.
  3. Next, use your Codex or Aspect.
  4. Finally, spend the Gold, Abstruse Sigil, and Veiled Crystal to Imprint Aspects on your Jewelry.

That’s all there is to get Abstruse Sigil in Diablo 4 and how you can use it. For more help on this game also check out our guides on how to get Primal Instinct Mount, get back sold items, and World Boss Timer. You can also check out our Diablo 4 section for more.

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