How To Get 5-Star Match Ratings In WWE 2K24

Not sure how to earn Good Match Ratings in WWE 2K24? Here are some tips and tricks to do so.

Much like in real life, every match you wrestle in WWE 2K24 is being observed and rated by the Audience. This rating is given on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars depending on the performance you deliver. It goes without saying that earning a 5-Star Match Rating will provide you with more VC (Virtual Currency). The only trouble is that earning a good rating requires a lot of grinding. To help you with this, I have created this guide.

Here, you will learn how to get 5-Star Match Ratings in WWE 2K24 Universe Mode and Exhibition matches. Stick to the end as I have mentioned some tips from my in-game experience.

How to Get 5-Star Match Ratings in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Match Rating Meter
Increasing Match Ratings by using Payback Moves. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Whatever action you perform in a match contributes to the Rating Meter located in the top left corner. This includes hitting your opponent with different moves, using taunts, reversing or dodging an incoming attack, etc. The match can easily be filled with these actions and hence, they slowly fill the Rating Meter. However, if you manage to increase the drama by performing a Signature or Finisher, then you can increase the Match Ratings drastically.

I have been playing every WWE Game and trust me, it will be beneficial if you play on Legend Difficulty. In this setting, your AI opponent has an increased chance of hitting you back with everything they have in their playbook. Plus, they can also Kickout if you hit them with a Finishing Move. This will keep the match going with heightened drama and memorable moments. You might have to sideline your ego and eat a few punches if you want that 5-Star Match Rating in WWE 2K24.

Earning 5-Star Match Ratings by Increasing Drama
Cody Rhodes Kicks Out in WWE 2K24 to increase Match Rating. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Contributing to the match rating on your own will take you a long time to fill it. If your opponent catches you with a few moves then they can add that “Move Variety” factor and increase the ratings. Also, you can Reverse or Kickout of the opponent’s move to increase the match rating. Superstars with the Resiliency Payback can kickout even if the Pin mini-game seems impossible to win. Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins are a few names who have the Resiliency Payback.

Before I conclude this guide, let me tell you how I earn a 5-Star Match Rating in WWE 2K24. First of all, I make sure that the match is a No Holds Barred or any other match with the “No Disqualification” Rule. This makes it completely legal to use weapons like Steel Chairs and Tables. FYI, you can also use the Brass Knuckle in a No DQ Match to increase the Match Rating.

Kurt Angle Adding Signature Touch to increase Match Ratings in WWE 2K24
Kurt Angle Pulling Down Straps to Increase Match Ratings. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

Fun Fact: Superstars like Kurt Angle and the Undertaker can pull down their straps to add a Signature Touch and increase the Match Ratings in WWE 2K24.

Make sure to fill the match with Combos, Grapple Moves, Top-Rop Moves, Taunts, Finishers, Weapons, Paybacks, etc. to get that Greatest of All Time (5-Star) Match Rating in WWE 2K24. Because honestly, no one likes a Squash Match. For more information like Persona Cards and Oddities and Locker Codes, check out our guides on them.