How to Get Oddities and Persona Cards in WWE 2K24

Not sure what are the Oddities and how to get them in WWE 2K24? Here’s everything you must know about it.

MyFaction Mode in WWE Games has always been fun to play and there’s no exception in WWE 2K24. Like every year, the developers have improved and brought some fun additions to this mode. This time, it is the Persona Cards that have graced the MyFaction mode. These special cards unlock the alternate persona or gimmick of a Superstar. To unlock these Persona Cards, you will have to collect Oddities associated with them.

To help you with everything about the Oddity Card, otherwise known as Oddities in WWE 2K24, we have created this guide. So be sure to stick to the end and learn about it.

What are the Oddities in WWE 2K24?

Oddities are usually props like weapons or accessories that signify a superstar’s persona. It’s just like the Sledgehammer used by Triple H’s “The Game” persona. To unlock a Persona Card, you will have to collect 5 Oddity Cards in WWE 2K24. After collecting 5 Oddities, you will complete the set and unlock the Persona Card associated with that certain Superstar.

How to Get Oddities

Oddities as a reward in WWE 2K24 Weekly Towers
Get Oddities as a Weekly Tower Reward in WWE 2K24. Image Credits to Phily Gaming

To get Oddity Cards, you can play different matches in MyFaction Mode. At the time of writing, you can find Cody Rhode’s Oddities in Weekly Towers’ Week 4, Live Events, and as a reward for advancing in Online Ranked Mode. For now, there are 25 Oddities in WWE 2K24 that you can collect. They are for Bloodline, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, The Rock, and Trick Williams.

It is safe to say that you can get their Oddities from Weekly Towers, Live Events, and Ranked Matches progression too. For your reference, here are all the Persona Cards and their Oddities in WWE 2K24.

All Persona Cards in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Persona Cards and their Oddities
All Persona Cards and their Oddities in WWE 2K24. Image Credits to Phily Gaming

Here are all the Persona Cards and the Oddities that you need to unlock them in WWE 2K24:

  • Cody Rhodes Persona Card
    • Oddities: Arm Cast, Mask, Robe, Stardust Attire, and Weightlifting Belt
  • The Rock Persona Card
    • Oddities: $500 Shirt Just Bring It Shirt, Nation of Domination Hat, Rocky Maivia’s Entrance, and The People’s Elbow Pad
  • Seth Rollins Persona Card
    • Oddities: Big Red Boots, Monday Night Messiah Jacket, Sunglasses, Torch, and Tactical Vest
  • Trick Williams Persona Card
    • Oddities: Boxing Gloves, Boxing Shorts, Cuban Link Chain, No Mercy Boots, and Trick Willy Hat
  • Bloodline Persona Card
    • Oddities: Rikishi’s Sunglasses, Solo and Umaga’s Thumb Wrap, Ula Lei, Umaga’s Waist Wrap, and Yokozuna’s Mawashi

Aside from the above Persona Cards in WWE 2K24, you can also get a Sheamus ’09 Card from the Superstars Series 1 Pack. This Pack is rewarded once you start your journey in MyFaction Mode. Also, you can also get an Elite John Cena Action Figure Persona if you use the Locker Codes.

That’s all there is to know about the Persona Cards and Oddities in WWE 2K24. Stay tuned with us for more relevant information like how to use Power of the Punch and more.