How To Use The Brass Knuckle In WWE 2K24

Want to hit your opponent with a Brass Knuckle so bad in WWE 2K24? Here’s how you can do it.

Brass Knuckle in WWE 2k24 is not a weapon that can be found under the ring like Steel Chairs and Tables. It can only be used by superstars (or wrestlers) that have the Power of the Punch Payback. For example, Logan Paul and William Regal are two such names that have this Payback Move and hence can use the Brass Knuckle. Using this equipment in a Normal Singles or Tag Team match requires a setup. Because if you get caught by the Referee while using a Brass Knuckle, you will get disqualified and lose the match.

In this guide, we will explain everything you must know about using a Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24. Plus, we will provide you with some tips that can help you turn the tables instantly in a match.

Here’s How to Use the Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24

To use a Brass Knuckle, you must first fill your Signature Bar (blue bar under your health). The Signature Bar can be filled simply by striking the opponent or executing a grapple move on them. So if your superstar has the Power of the Punch Payback Move and has filled the Signature Bar, you can press the following buttons on your respective devices to hit the opponent with a Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24:

  • PC: Press Space + O
  • PlayStation: Use R2 + Triangle
  • Xbox X/S: Use RT + Y
stunning opponent with a Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24
Image Credits to ThisGenGaming

As I said, if the Referee notices, you may get disqualified for using a Brass Knuckle. However, if you are in a No Holds Barred or any other match with the “No Disqualification” rules then you can use it freely. This brings us to another question how to hit an opponent with the Brass Knuckle in a Normal Match. The answer is simple, you will have to distract the Referee.

How to Distract Referee and Use Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24

One of the easiest ways to distract the Referee in WWE 2K24 is simply by removing the Turnbuckle pads. These are the protective covers tied on the hard corners of the ring. You can remove the Turnbuckle pads by going to the corner and pressing these buttons:

  • PC: Hold Space and Press U
  • PlayStation: Hold R2 and Press L1
  • Xbox X/S: Hold RT and Press LB

Once the Turnbuckle is uncovered, the Referee will try to cover it again with the pads. In the meanwhile, you can hit the opponent with the Brass Knuckle in WWE 2K24.

Another way to distract the Referee is by dropping a weapon in the ring. After the weapon is dropped and lying in the ring, the Referee will pick it up and throw it away. This is the moment where the Referee will be distracted again providing you a brief window of opportunity to use the Brass Knuckle.

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