How To Pull Down Straps In WWE 2K24

Fancy pulling the straps down in WWE 2K24? Here are the controls do do that.

While playing WWE 2K24, you can do everything that you want your favorite Superstars to do. You can hit Signatures and Finishers, Taunt, and even hit an opponent with a Brass Knuckle. These are all the core features of the wrestling game that you can enjoy. However, there’s one more fun addition that allows you to pull down the straps of the Superstars who are wearing spandex attires. This small gesture brings you one step closer to realism and wrestling fans can relate to it.

In this guide, we will explain how to remove or pull down straps in WWE 2K24. So if you ever wanted to show aggression inside the squared circle, you will know one of the ways to do this.

How to Pull Down Straps in WWE 2K24

Kurt Angle pulling down straps in WWE 2K24
Kurt Angle Pulls Down Straps in WWE 2K24. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

To pull down straps of superstars like Kurt Angle and the Undertaker, you can use the following controls on your PC and respective consoles:

  • PC: Hold Space and press 4
  • PlayStation: Hold R2 and press Down D-Pad
  • Xbox: Hold RT and press Down D-Pad

Use these inputs on your Keyboard or Controller and remove the straps in WWE 2K24. FYI, aside from Kurt and Undertaker, Bron Breakker and Big E can also pull down their straps.

What Happens When you Remove Straps in WWE 2K24?

To answer this one quickly, nothing. Pulling down a superstar’s straps won’t increase your Signature or Finisher Bar. It has no advantages but looks like a cool thing to do wrestling-wise. This gesture is done by WWE Superstars when they are looking to hit a finisher. Likewise, if you want to make your victory look cool and fun, you can pull the straps down too.

That’s everything you need to know about this little detail in WWE 2K24. Since you are here now, why don’t you check out our guide on Locker Codes? It’s definitely very rewarding so be sure to take a look at it.