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How To Get & Farm White Iron Chunk In Genshin Impact

This is where to find a lot of White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact (Farming Guide).

White Iron Chunk in Genshin Impact is an item which is a Forging material. With three of these, you can create Fine Enhancement Ore and give your weapons a boost in the game. Plus, it is useful for some more things too. So, where to find White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact? Better yet – how to farm them? Here are all the details you need about it.

Genshin Impact: White Iron Chunk Farming Guide

In this farming guide, we will address the White Iron Chunk locations where you can obtain this item in higher quantity. You can find it in the wild as you explore, but if you go in the areas mentioned below, you will be able to get it easily and quickly.

Storm Bearer’s Mountain and Point

The enemies you encounter here will be of levels 13 to 15 so make sure that you are equipped to fight them and collect the chunks.

Near Wolvendom

Apart from Wolfhooks, you can also find this particular item in the area between Wolvendom and Brightcrown Canyon.

Dihua Marsh

If you check the areas which are specifically rocky in Dihua Marsh, you can get this resource quite easily.

White Iron Chunk Farming Locations

Here are the locations where you can farm it:

  • Mt. Aozang


  • The area between Mt. Tianheng and Lingju Pass


  • The area between Stone Gate and Dawn Winery


Once you spot it, you have to keep attacking it with your weapon. With enough hits, it will shatter and then you must collect it. You can make Fine Enhancement Ore from it with the help of the Blacksmith.

Why is Fine Enhancement Ore important? It’s because you can level up your weapons with it. You will get 2000 Weapon EXP on using it which makes it a crucial resource. Even in its unrefined format, the chunks are useful for making new weapons.

That is everything you need to know about White Iron Chunk farming in Genshin Impact. Check out our other latest guides that will give you more such item farming locations, tips and tricks to be a better player.

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