Genshin Impact: A Wanmin Welcome Event Guide

The complete Wanmin Welcome event guide for Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is coming out with a new event that will run between 16th March to 25th March. The event is called the Wanmin Welcome and like previous events feature various special rewards and challenges. This event comes directly after the Invitation of Windblume and acts as a mini update for the game. However, Wanmin Welcome won’t be that widespread and expansive as the Invitation of Windblume. Players will be able to collect the rewards after the event is over until the 30th of March. Read below to get to know all the details about the Wanmin Welcome event in Genshin Impact.

What is new in the Wanmin Welcome event for Genshin Impact: A complete guide

Wanmin Welcome Genshin Impact Guide
Learn about the new rewards in this game.

To participate in this event PC and mobile users will have to access the official website and log in. For PS4 users on the other hand they have to access the Paimon menu and look for the event mail.

Now for the characteristics of the event. This event revolves around cooking. And if you look at the title you can see that it’s a play on the phrase ‘A warm welcome. You can choose between 9 different Meal Sets. Each Set consists of 6 individual dishes. You have to complete the Sets to earn rewards for the same. The dishes you make are given to you as a gift in your in-game mail. You need to complete one Meal Set before you can move on to the next one. The Set Meals are as follows.

  1. Set Meal 1: Together as One
  2. Set Meal 2: Flavor of Fortune
  3. Set Meal 3: Health Is Wealth
  4. Set Meal 4: Smooth Sailing
  5. Set Meal 5: Up and Up
  6. Set Meal 6: Grand Feast
  7. Set Meal 7: Peace and Prosperity
  8. Set Meal 8: Golden Gourmet
  9. Set Meal 9: Abundant Harvest

Wanmin Welcome Event Rewards

For completing the Meal Sets you will get Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Fine Enhancement Ore, and Mora as rewards. Additionally, you will even get the dishes you cook as a gift. However, you will only receive rewards for 3 complete Meal Sets. That being said you can complete the remaining Sets and get the dishes as gifts.

This is the complete event guide for a Wanmin Welcome in Genshin Impact. While you are here do not miss out on How to sign for the Beta and How to get Ally Hunter.