Genshin Impact: How to Get Alley Hunter – Stats, Ability & Builds

Here's everything you need to know about Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact.

The developer of Genshin Impact, miHoYo, recently announced that they will soon roll out a new version 1.4, introducing a couple of new 4 and 5 star weapons. One of the newly added weapons is Alley Hunter. Ever since the news of introducing Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact version 1.4 broke, there are tons of players who have been curious to know more about this 4-star weapon.

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In this guide, we will break down everything about Alley Hunter, including its stats, ability, release date, and ascension material.

Alley Hunter Ability

Alley Hunter is a 4-star weapon in Genshin Impact, which can only be equipped by Amber, Fischi, Diona, Venti, Tartaglia, and Ganyu. This bow is best for DPS characters, who deal damage in short bursts before they leave the field.

The characters who would love to use Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact are Childe/Tartaglia or Fischl. If anything to go by rumors when the wielding character is in the part, their damage will be increased by 2% per second, which will go up to 20%.

If the character is managed to stay on the field for more than 4 seconds, the damage buff will be increased by 4% per second until it is gone.

Alley Hunter Stats: Level 1 (Level 90)

  • Rarity: 4 Stars
  • Base ATK: 44
  • Base ATK (Lv90): 565
  • Secondary stat: 6% ATK bonus
  • Secondary stat (Lv90): 27.6% ATK bonus

Since there has been no official announcement by miHoYo on its ability, it is likely that both stats and ability will be slightly different than we have mentioned here.

What Ascension Materials You Need For Alley Hunter?

There are certain Ascension materials that you need to Ascend Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact. The names of materials are Dandelion Gladiator materials, Chaos materials, and Slime materials.

For the unversed, Choas materials are dropped by Ruin Guards, Ruin Hunters, and Ruin Graders whereas Slime Materials are dropped by Slimes. The Dandelion Gladiator materials, on the other hand, are farmed in Domains.

How to Get Alley Hunter In Genshin Impact?

The 4-star weapon Alley Hunter will be available in Genshin Impact from March 17, 2021. Similar to other 4-star weapons, players can easily pull it, if they are lucky. The exact process of getting Alley Hunter is yet to be revealed by the developer.

As soon as Genshin Impact version 1.4 goes live on March 17, we will update this guide explaining the entire process of obtaining Alley Hunter.

That’s everything you need to know about ability, stats, and how to get Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact.