Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Azhdaha Weekly Boss

Here's how to unlock and reach the Azhdaha boss in Genshin Impact.

The version 1.5 brought along a lot of changes and additions in the game and one of them is the Azhdaha boss. Players are super excited to battle this enemy but how to unlock Azhdaha in Genshin Impact? Look no further, I will explain how you can complete this part of the challenge and which quests you need to get through.

How to Unlock Azhdaha in Genshin Impact

How To Unlock Azhdaha Weekly Boss In Genshin Impact

To unlock this weekly boss, first you have to make sure that you have updated Genshin Impact to version 1.5. Once that is done you must complete the story quest Historia Antiqua Chapter Act II – No Mere Stone. This is because Azhdaha is related to Zhongli and his backstory. In terms of location, this boss will be at Nantianmen where a giant tree seals this Monster. When you complete Zhongli’s story quest, you will unlock the Trounce Domain called Beneath the Dragon-Queller and that’s where you will take on this enemy.

Note that you can unlock this story quest with one Story Key. There are also other unlock conditions like you have to complete the Sal Flore story quest as well as the Archon Quest Chapter 1 Act 4: We Will Be Reunited. You also have to reach Adventure Rank 40 or above.

Don’t have the Story quest feature yet? It will unlock at Adventure Rank 26. You can unlock Story Quests when you complete daily commissions and up to 4 are available in a day. Players need to complete 8 daily commissions to be able to get one Key.

If you are yet to unlock all of these first, make sure to do it step by step because there’s a lot involved. Then once you reach the sealed cavern in Historia Antiqua Chapter Act 2, you will be able to fight Azhdaha so be prepared. We will be covering the Azhdaha boss fight in a separate article so be sure to check that out for tips and tricks.

That’s basically how to unlock Azhdaha boss in Genshin Impact. If you are curious to know about unlocking more stuff like the Serenitea pot, getting wood including Pine Wood farming and more, check out our Genshin Impact guides.