Genshin Impact Select A Twin: Which Twin To Select?

In the start you have to Select a Twin in Genshin Impact. Which is the best twin to choose? Take this pick at the start of the game easily.

Genshin Impact lets you enter the open world that you can explore to your heart’s content. You will need to fast travel to locations, fight enemies and heal, catch fish, find wheat, do mining and more. But before all that, you will need to make a choice where you have to select a twin. So which twin to select in Genshin Impact? Who is the best twin? Find out here.

Which Twin to Select in Genshin Impact: Best Twin?

You begin the game as the Traveler and you need to pick one character from two twins. They are Aether (Male) and Lumine (Female). After an intense cutscene in the beginning of the game, you will be given the choice to select a twin in Genshin Impact. The twin that you don’t choose needs to be rescued in the game later on.

So which twin to choose? Is there any actual impact (hehe) of your choice in Genshin Impact? Truthfully, no. The choice is only about picking a male or female character and that is it. It is purely cosmetic – there is no difference in gameplay, abilities, weapons, items and stats. Everything else remains the same. Although it may seem like it is a game-changing decision, it is all a ruse unfortunately. But you do get the choice to pick a boy or girl anime character so that’s just about it.

Depending on your decision, the story will move ahead with that character and you will face some challenging bosses and quests. If you need any help with completing tasks like processing ingredients, cooking food and more, our Genshin Impact guides will help you out. Here’s how to increase your adventure rank fast – doing this quickly will help you unlock multiplayer co-op mode and more in-game content. Plus, here’s how to save your progress and where to find wheat locations in this game.

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