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Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Walkthrough

Event-Exclusive Name Card Style, Exclusive LTM Rewards, and more during this Special Event.

Playing Genshin Impact, then you cannot miss the Hypostatic Symphony Event. This brand new event is going to begin on Jan 16 and will remain active till Jan 31, 2021. In this guide, you can find each and every detail about the Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event. It official timing and date, along with all the activities and event guidelines.

Hypostatic Symphony Event Date and Timing

Hypostatic Symphony Event will begin at 10:00 on 16th Jan and will end at 03:59 on 31st January 2021. The event is going to stay active for 15 straight days. You have ample time to play event activities and unlock exclusive rewards. Marks the date so that you do not miss Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event launch.

Types of Challenges in Hypostatic Symphony Event

Hypostatic Symphony Character with Bonus

Below is the list of four challenges you can play during the event. Along with the list of characters who will only earn Event Bonus. 

  1. Violet Lightning Concerto
  2. Storm Butterfly Intermezzo
  3. Stone Heart Sonata
  4. Waltz of Earth, Wind, and Thunder

How to participate in the Hypostatic Symphony Event?

Hypostatic Symphony Even Rules

Minimum Adventure Rank 20 or above is required to enter the event. If you are lower than that, then start playing now to level up. You will have to focus on the Adventure Rank first. Refer to these tips and tricks guide on how to level up Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact.

With a good character level, you can stand longer in the event. Later you can also focus on boosting Friendship Level and level up the Bearing tree to unlock cool rewards.

What to do in Hypostatic Symphony Event?

Hypostatic Symphony Events Points System

Every day you will get a new challenge until the end of the week a new stage will unlock. From Day 1 to Day 7 you will have to play a new challenge and on Day 7 you will unlock another stage of challenges. All travelers will receive a notification regarding the event so keep an eye on your notification.

You can play the event in Single Player as well in Co-op mode with a friend. Before entering the challenge you will have to pick two things.

  • Difficulty Level: Challenge Level
  • Variations: Special Combat Effects

Players will earn points on the basis of the above two factors during the Hypostatic Symphony Event.

What are the rules of Hypostatic Symphony Event?

  1. Variations include the challenge difficulty and intensity. This also impacts the number of Points earned after completing the challenge.
  2. Variations with higher difficulty offer you more points compared to a lower or balanced one.
  3. The point total of the selected Variation has to b great than 0 before playing a challenge.
  4. Challenges come with various bonuses for players. You can only them while dealing with extra damage. The same is shared among players in Co-op mode.
  5. Players will earn Pirmogems by completing the first challenge. Later players can play challenges on the difficulty level to unlock more exclusive rewards.
  6. All points will be restored to 0 at the end of the event. You cannot claim rewards after the completion of the Hypostatic Symphony Event.

Grab more details about the official rules on the developer’s site.