Genshin Impact: How To Leave Co-op

Want to leave co-op in Genshin Impact? Here's how to do it easily.

Genshin Impact is growing in popularity everyday. Statistics show that it is one of the games on the iOS app store that is earning the most in Japan, South Korea and the United States. It even earned $60 million on both the stores till now which is a great amount in such a short time. One of the things that has brought fame to this game is the multiplayer aspect. If you are trying out this co-op mode and want to know how to leave co-op in Genshin Impact, this is what you must know.

How to Leave Co-op in Genshin Impact


To leave co-op in Genshin Impact, you need to get to the Co-op menu on the top left section of the screen. The next step is to simply press the button prompt that the screen will show you to Leave Team or Leave. After pressing the desired button, you will see a black screen for a bit and then you will have successfully left the group.

You might need to leave the group if you don’t want to complete tasks with some random players. In events like the Elemental Crucible co-op event, you are given a task and you have to work together with others to get it done. In case you want to leave, you can follow the above way to leave co-op.

This game supports crossplay on PC, PS4 and mobile so that will certainly help you find players on different platforms. Note that you need to have Adventure Rank 16 to unlock multiplayer. Here’s how to increase your Adventure Rank fast so that you can unlock co-op mode and play with friends or strangers online.

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