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Genshin Impact Taishan Mansion Puzzle Solution Guide

Taishan Mansion is a secret hidden door submerged in the water. To solve this puzzle you will have to do two things.

Taishan Mansion is a secret domain in Genshin Impact. It is located in Jueyun Karst lake under the water. Not visible through the eyes you will have to solve a puzzle to remove the water. As the water goes away you will be able to see and unlock the Taishan Mansion Domain door and earn a treasure chest. The puzzle may look confusing but it is extremely easy to solve. You have to activate a few pillars around the Jueyun Karst lake to access the door and solve the Taishan Mansion puzzle.

How to solve Genshin Impact Taishan Mansion Puzzle?

Taishan Mansion Puzzle Pillar 1

Reach the lake and look on the right of the bridge. There is an area with a pillar and be ready to fight some enemies. You will have to climb up on that pillar and interact with the orange switch. This is your switch to remove the water, the first piece of the puzzle. After interacting with it some water from the lake is gone.

Taishan Mansion Puzzle Pillar 2

Fly towards the new pillar with some text circulating around it and a orange glowing rock. This is a clue, you will have to collect glowing orange rocks from around the lake and place them in the smaller lamps on the round walking platform. Just walk around them and it will start glowing. Activate three and the text around the pillar in the center will disappear.

Interact with it to drain away all the water from the lake. That’s it in the next scene you will see the door. This is where you will unlock the new domain and also do not forget to grab all the rewards form the treasure chest.

In short, to solve the Taishan Mansion Puzzle you will need to drain the entire water from the lake. This requires you to interact with two pillars one at the lake corner and another one in the center. You can do a lot more in Genshin Impact. If you have not unlocked amazing weapons, gears, or want to know more about puzzles then you can check our Genshin Impact Guides section.

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