How To Locate Hidden Whopperflower In Genshin Impact

How to detect the hidden Whopperflower in Genshin Impact. Use these tricks to avoid picking the imposter while picking flowers or mints.

The word Imposter has now become synonymous with Among Us but even Genshin Impact has an imposter in it. It’s basically the hidden Whopperflower that is pretending to be something it is not. Yes, these creatures are enemy bosses who like to hide from players. If you encounter the Pyro Whopperflower, it will use explosions and the Cryo Whopperflowers will add icy damage to the area around them when they feel that they are in danger. So, how to identify and detect the hidden Whopperflower in Genshin Impact? Here’s a trick.

How to Identify Hidden Whopperflower in Genshin Impact (Imposter)

Redditor u/wr3ck3dd has noted that players can use the Elemental Vision to detect the imposter plants. The hidden Whopperflower cannot be seen by the Elemental sight and it doesn’t sparkle like normal ingredients too. This will surely benefit you when you are scouring for resources in the wild and also trying not making them aggro while you are at it. Plus, if you get the option to talk to the mint, it is a Whopperflower so you can be aware of it in this way.

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3 ways to figure out the imposter whopperflower from Genshin_Impact

If you end up disturbing these enemies while trying to pick flowers or mints, they will attack you. They will lurk under the surface and basically ambush you if you by coming out of nowhere. So, use Elemental Vision and get the location of the imposter (hidden) Whopperflowers in Genshin Impact. We hope this helps you out and you don’t end up picking them while trying to pick items.

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