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How To Solve Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Puzzle?

Here's a step by step guide on how to solve Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Puzzle.

Genshin Impact has plenty of challenging puzzles and one of them is Tianquiu Valley Puzzle. The Trials in Tianqiu guest has a large puzzle that every Genshin Impact should complete to get their unique rewards.


Genshin Impact Tianqiu Valley Puzzle

In order to solve the Tianqiu Valley Puzzle, the first thing you need to do is to unlock the quest. After unlocking the quest, go towards the Tianqiu Valley and find the center of each tower. After reaching the center of these towers, players should look for the ancient tablet to start the quest.

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Tianqiu Valley is located in the southwestern part of Ganshin Impact’s word of Teyvat. While solving this puzzle, players will come across three towers and each of these towers will have a puzzle that will give players the prisms that needed to unlock the mystery.

After each final challenge, players must grab the Light Actuator and bring the same to the center of the ruins.

Center Tower


You need to go on the top of the tower and pick up the Light Actuator in 60 seconds.

Right Tower

This tower has flame torches that must be shot in the following order.

  • First: After shooting the highest & farthest torch, shoot the closest bottom torch.
  • Second: Shoot the torch to the immediate right of the chest and then the next torch over.
  • Third: Shoot all eight torches on the wall—make sure to shoot two torches per wall.

Left Tower


Norably, this tower requires players to complete challenges in a limited time.

  • First: Make sure to kill four enemies in 40 second, One Elector-crossbow Hilichurl and three Rock-shield Hilichurl.
  • Second: Make sure to eliminate five enemies in 50 seconds —one Pyro-crossbow Hilichurl, one Slime-thrower Hilichurl, one normal Red Hilichurl, and two large Pyro Slimes.
  • Third: Make sure to kill six enemies in 60 seconds — one Hydro Abyss Mage, two large Cyro Slimes, and three Cyro-crossbow Hilichurls.

After completing the above mentioned challenges, players will need to beat the Treasurer Hoards to get spoils.