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Where To Find All Crimson Agate Locations On Map

Here are all Crimson Agate locations on Map that will help you collect all 80 Crimson Agate.

Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact is an item that you will find in Dragonspine. It will come in handy when you offer it to the Frostbearing Tree and get some awesome rewards in return. Now, players are wondering, where to find Crimson Agate in Dragonspine? It’s available all over this region, but to save your exploration time, we’ve created this Crimson Agate Locations On Map guide. There are 80 locations that you can get to and collect secret Crimson Agate.

All Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations On Map


Check out all Crimson Agate locations on the Interactive Map in Genshin Impact.

All Crimson Agate Locations on Map

With the help of all of these locations, you can level up the Frostbearing tree to level 8. After that you can play Crimson Wishes to get higher upgrades. If you haven’t unlocked the Frostbearing tree, here’s how to unlock it and level it up. With 12 Offering levels, you will get a lot of rewards like Acquaint Fate, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Diagram: Warming Bottle, Northlander Polearm Prototype and lots more.


Are there any other uses of Crimson Agate apart from leveling up Frostbearing tree? Not really. The red crystal actually proves to be a form of nutrition for the Frostbearing tree. You can find it in the overworld or in chests. If an overworld Crimson Agate is near you, you will see an icon on your mini map and a sound effect will notify you of it. But if it’s inside a chest, you will not see it on the mini map. Also remember that those chests which have a Crimson Agate will have a dark red aura around them.

So that’s all about All Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations On Map. While you are here, find out how to get Crimson Agate on Island, Crimson Wish, Reset Time, Rewards and also how to Survive Sheer Cold in Dragonspine.