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How To Survive Cold In Genshin Impact

Find out how to survive the Sheer Cold status effect in Genshin Impact and know the different ways to stay warm & avoid freezing.

The open world of Genshin Impact gets a new accessible region which is the Dragonspine mountain. But there’s something else that comes along with it and that’s the sub-zero temperatures (Sheer Cold Mechanic). It’s a frozen region where you will get the Sheer Cold status effect giving you gradual damage. If you let the light blue Sheer Cold meter fill up, you will die. Don’t worry, though, because there are many ways to stay warm. So, in this guide, we will explain how to survive sheer cold and stay warm in Dragonspine.

How to Stay Warm & Survive Cold in Dragonspine?

In order to lower the Sheer Cold meter, follow these ways to stay warm in Genshin Impact and survive freezing temperatures.

  1. Bonfires & Torches
  2. Warming Seelie
  3. Goulash Recipe
  4. Scarlet Quartz
  5. Healer
  6. Teleport Waypoints
  7. Statue of the Seven
  8. Ruin Braziers

Use Bonfires & Torches to Survive Sheer Cold


With bonfires and torches that you find while exploring, you can easily stay warm. Use a character with pyro powers to ensure that you get enough warmth and lower your chill meter. Head to campsites where you will find cooking fires that will keep you alive.

Warming Seelies


When you follow Warming Seelies, which are orange in color, you will find treasure chests and they will also help you warm up when you follow them. Easy way to lower the chill factor.

Goulash Recipe

The Goulash soup will help you survive the cold for a bit by lowering its amount on the meter. But you won’t be able to reduce it completely. You need Chilled Meat for it so head over to the linked guide to know the recipe.

Scarlet Quartz

When you pick up a Scarlet Quartz, your Sheer Cold bar will get reduced a bit.

Ruin Braziers


If you activate a Ruin Brazier then you can lower your Chill meter significantly.


Having a healer in your squad will help you out when you are feeling ice cold. Choose a good member like Barbara who will heal you quickly.

Teleport Waypoints

When you go near the Teleport Waypoints, your Sheer Cold effect will get removed, so try that out if you are nearby.

Statue of the Seven

Heading to Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven will help you heal yourself and your party completely thereby also removing the effect of the Sheer Cold mechanic. Here’s how to unlock the Statue fast.

That’s all the known ways to survive the Sheer Cold in Genshin Impact and stay warm for longer periods of time. Make sure that this status effect doesn’t build up because your health bar will start to drain. If you ignore it then you will drop dead so be careful.

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