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Tower Of Fantasy Genshin Impact Character Preset IDs

How to get Genshin Impact characters into ToF? Use their preset IDs!

Tower Of Fantasy has been compared to Genshin Impact quite a bit, and making the most of the detailed character customization options, players have taken the similarities to a whole new level. Many fans are creating Genshin characters and sharing the preset IDs with others. You can play as Zhongli, Hu Tao, Jean, Yelan and more so if you are on the hunt for Tower Of Fantasy Genshin Impact character preset IDs, we’ve got you covered.

Tower Of Fantasy Genshin Impact Character Presets ID

Those who want to play as a Genshin Impact character in Tower Of Fantasy can use these Preset Image IDs right away. Further ahead, we have also explained how to import characters and get these appearances in the game.

Genshin Impact Custom Characters in ToF

Thanks to the creators for these awesome character creations!

Character Preset Code/ IDs
Zhongli 1869
Bennett 1929
Venti 70478
Kaeya 291326
Xiao 1146510
Albedo 167114
Keqing 690
Hu Tao 799
Yelan 11656
Jean 183385
Ganyu 587394
Shenhe 1899462

Here’s how similar the characters can look:

How to Import Character Appearance with Preset ID?

To import and use character preset codes or IDs in ToF, players need to follow these steps.

presets tower of fantasy

  • Tap on the Presets icon on the main game screen.

how to import genshin characters tof

  • Next, tap on Import, which is present at the bottom left corner.
  • Now you can type the character ID of the look/appearance that you want to use.

How to Share Character Preset ID?

  • Tap on the Presets icon.
  • Then once the character loads up, tap on the Share icon right next to it, above the Lobby icon.
  • After this, you can share the image of your character along with their preset ID on Twitter or Reddit to help other players get the customized appearance too.

That’s all about importing presets. Check out some more of our guides on the best settingshow to fix crashing, and how the gacha system works. Plus, if you are curious to know all about the different currency types in the game, this one’s for you.