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Tower of Fantasy Currency Types Explained

This guide will explain the currency system of Tower of Fantasy along with how to get them in the game.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG set in the open world of Aida. In the quest for powerful energy called Omnium from the comet Mara, mankind built the Omnium Tower. However, the consequences of this action have been drastic. Be it Tower of Fantasy or any known environment, money is one of the most important resources to sustain. While there are different types of currencies in the game, acquiring each of them in higher quantities is important. This currency guide for Tower of Fantasy will help you acquire more money and at the same time explain the use of each.

How to Get All Types of Currency in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get All Types of Currency in Tower of Fantasy
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Since numerous currencies are becoming a common thing in games, Tower of Fantasy is not far behind. With multiple currencies available in the open world fantasy along with their different uses forces players to get them all. Here are the different types of currency in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Gold – The most common kind of money in Tower of Fantasy is Gold. It is available in abundance through multiple sources like chests, quests, progression rewards, login bonuses, and more.
  • Black Gold – The source of Black Gold is not as abundant as compared to Gold. To get Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy, you need to be around special markets where they are available. They are a by-product of using the Gold Nucleus to receive Special Orders.
  • Flame Gold – These are event-limited currencies that you can find in the game. Upon completion of the event, any remaining Flame Gold will convert to Black Gold.
  • Black Nucleus – While roaming the open world of Aida, you can find Black Nucleus. Look for Tar Pit as they are major sources of finding them. Additional sources do include quest rewards, level-up rewards, opening chests, and more.
  • Red Nucleus – Red Nucleus is much more premium and thus you can’t find it in the world of Aida. To get this type of Currency in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to purchase it from the shop.
  • Gold Nucleus – Like Black Nucleus, you can find a Gold Nucleus exploring the world of Aida. Additional sources do include quest rewards, level-up rewards, opening chests, and more.
  • Dark Crystals – Dark Crystals are an important currency in ToF and you can find them in multiple sources. Chests, quest rewards, and progress rewards are common sources while real money can also purchase them.
  • Tanium – Tanium is the premium currency of ToF and the only way to get it is by purchasing it for real money.
  • Achievement Points – Achievement Points are quite useful even though their value is not the same as other currencies. As the name suggests, you get them after completing the requirements of an Achievement.
  • Training Points – While at the training stations on the map, you earn Training Points for completing tasks. Since the tasks have a certain requirement, you must fulfill them to get Points on the board.
  • Amusement Park – On Cetus Island, you can take part in multiple Amusement park activities. These reward you with tickets.
  • Base Chips – Proof of Purchase tokens are required to get Choice Matrices in the game. While can matrices can primarily enhance weapons, using a Matrice will also reward you with a Base Chip which is a type of Currency in ToF.

How to Use All Types of Currency in ToF

How to Use All Money in TOF
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While obtaining each currency is difficult in ToF, their varied use makes it worth the effort. Here’s how to use all types of currency in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Gold – While it lets you buy items from NPCs, the main use of Gold would be to upgrade weapons and equipment.
  • Black Gold – Black Gold is the currency you need to purchase materials that help in upgrading your weapon.
  • Flame Gold – Since they are event-limited currencies, they can be used to purchase event-limited weapons in ToF.
  • Black Nucleus – Black Nucleus is a banner currency, using which ensures you SR characters. Since these are much more common, the characters on offer are not so rare either.
  • Red Nucleus – Red Nucleus is a premium banner currency and can reward you with rare SSR characters. You should definitely give this currency a shot.
  • Gold Nucleus – Gold Nucleus will also reward you with SSR characters but none of them will be as rare as Red Nucleus. Additionally, you are guaranteed to get an SSR character every 80 draws.
  • Dark Crystals – Dark Crystals are the currency that you can use in the store. You can use it to purchase premium items along with types of Nucleus.
  • Tanium – Tanium is the premium currency of ToF and you can use it to get the Daily Supplies box. These will reward you with lots of items like the nucleus, Dark Crystals, and more.
  • Achievement Points – You can exchange these for rewards available on the Achievement Page of ToF.
  • Training Points – At the Points Store, you can use the Training Points to redeem different types of rewards.
  • Amusement Park – On Cetus Island, you can get tickets that give different types of rewards. Although you will have to redeem it on the island.
  • Base Chips – While in the Matrix Store, you can use Base Chips to unlock multiple matrix chests.

That’s all you need from this Currency Guide for Tower of Fantasy. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our Tower of Fantasy guides for more such content with Gamer Tweak.