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Garena Free Fire: Tips And Tricks To Master Clash Squad Ranked Mode

Conquer the Clash Squad mode with these tips

Garena Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode is one of the most competitive ranked modes in the game. To master this mode all you need is a basic understanding of its nature and certain tricks up your sleeve. The Clash Squad mode recently got an upgrade with the latest Kapella patch for Free Fire. This update has further added on to the cut-throat competitive rivalry in this mode, survival will not be an easy task.


The Kapella patch has made the overall gameplay of Free Fire tougher than it’s the original version. By bumping up the price of both short and long-range weapons, you will be struggling in the game from the very start. But with this guide to back you up, you will glide through this game mode with ease.

Tips and Tricks to Win in Free Fire Clash Squad mode

Reach higher ground – Just like in any other Battle Royale like PUBG and Fortnite, ambushing your enemy with their guard’s down should be your number one priority. In Clash Squad mode, try and reach higher grounds like the rooftops on construction sites. Your enemies will be struck down before they can figure out what hit them and from where.

Gloo Wall Defense – Perhaps the most ingenious feature of Free Fire, the Gloo Wall can be sprayed anywhere in mid-air. This wall protects you from your enemies when you are under a constant rain of firing. One more hidden trick of the Gloo Wall is that it can be used as a ladder to climb atop houses and towers. Hence generously use the Gloo Wall spray in every moment of a battle.

Spray a gloo wall right on the battlefield to set your defenses.

Realize your strength – It is crucial for you to realize your weaknesses and strengths early on in the game. Although the first round will not be challenging, moving ahead with the second round will be a tough task. Realize your role in this game, whether you are a strategist, a defender, a backup unit, a sniper, or the all-in rusher.

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Smoke Grenades – Hitting your enemy with a smoke grenade will blind his line of sight and disable the auto-aim lock of their guns. Hence you can take them down easily without getting hit by their bullets. But smoke grenades are scarce and costly, so try to conserve them for the most serious showdowns in a battle.

Kar98K – Even though you must have used this bolt action-rifle in PUBG at some point, the Kar98K is in a totally different ballpark in Free Fire. Auto-equipped with a biometric scope, the Kar98K can consistently shoot at a long-range for a substantial amount of time. This will help you take down multiple enemies at once, hence try to get your hands on it from the very start.


Teamwork – This is one of the most important skills you will have to master if you wish to win in the Clash Squad mode. Communication with your team members and holding your designated positions throughout is the key to victory.

  • Learn to follow the plan decided by your team
  • If you decide to rush in, have a good line of defense to back you up
  • Reviving your fallen team-mates should be a priority.

If you follow these 6 tactics in the Clash Squad mode, you are definitely going to win this mode with good rankings. Focus on practicing teamwork and honing your skills at shooting, and there will be no enemy too tough to kill. Here is a guide to improving your shooting skills in PUBG, which you can incorporate in Garena’s Free fire as well.