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Best Fun Roblox Games (2023)

These are our recommendations for the most fun games to play on Roblox.

Roblox is a platform that gives you the chance to explore a variety of themes of games or experiences. If you want a thrilling mystery game, you got it. Want a lighthearted game that’s all about painting? You got it too! So, if you are on the search for the most fun games to play on Roblox when you are bored, this list has some suggestions and recommendations that you can try out.

Best Games to Play on Roblox when Bored in 2023

Check out some of the best games on Roblox of various genres that you can play right now.

Wacky Wizards

wacky wizards

This game is engrossing as soon as you land in front of your cauldron. Wacky Wizards will remind you of alchemy games wherein you have to combine ingredients to create new potions. But it doesn’t stop at that. The developers constantly keep things interesting by adding new events, updates – all of which are super creative. There are even bosses that everyone needs to beat by working together. Due to the huge amount of combinations of potions and their wacky after-effects, you will find yourself playing for hours on end. The items are fun, weird and the results are straight-up hilarious. So, this is my first recommendation to try out if you haven’t already because it truly is one of the most fun games to play on Roblox.

Pet Simulator X

pet simulator x

Pet Sim X is yet another game that I found myself playing for a long time. In Pet Simulator X, you need to keep collecting coins. With coins, you can buy eggs and through eggs you can hatch pets. You can trade pets with other players and constantly level up to upgrade pets or even fuse them together. There’s a lot to do in this game and it gets frequent updates as well. At the time of writing, it had 85K+ active players and 542.9M+ visits, so its popularity is undeniable.

Royale High

roblox royale high

Want to explore a world that’s full of magical lands, hidden secrets and fun games? Royale High is the game for you. This roleplay experience has options to dress up your character, change the makeup, hairstyle, animations etc. There are regular seasonal holidays like Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. So, if you want to try out something interesting in this genre, check out Royale High.

Zombie Uprising

zombie uprising most fun roblox game

If you love shooting at hordes of zombies in games, this Roblox variant of the concept will interest you. There are quite a few weapons, skins, and more items to try out. Your mission is to survive and do your bit in the fight against zombies. As you achieve kills you get the higher level badges. For example, if you get 100 kills, you get the Rookie badge, at 500, you get Battle Hardened, at 2500 you get Experienced, at 7500 you get War Hero and so on. it’s quite a thrilling and well-made game that has to have a spot in our list of the most fun games to play on Roblox.


roblox islands

This game has a mix of everything. There’s farming, mining, combat, trading, building, raising animals and even factories. It gives you the freedom to explore various islands, collect crafting materials and buy stuff as well. Once you get into the groove of this game, you won’t find it easy to leave!

This list of the most fun Roblox games to play is still in progress. We will be adding more games to it soon, so do check back. Meanwhile, you can also check out our lists of the best Roblox Obbys, best shooting games, best Simulator games and more on Gamer Tweak.