Best Roblox FPS Games For Gun Shooting Fans (2023)

These are the best shooter games in Roblox.

Roblox is a trend that never seems to go out of fashion. In a world where everyone is invited to create and play any kind of genre, there is to cover. With a wide array of games to choose from, you might get a little lost on which game to choose. For all our peeps out there who love some action, we have clubbed a list of shooter games that you do not wanna miss out on Roblox. Here are the Best and highest played Roblox Shooting Games of All Time to go pew pew!

Top 5 Best Gun Shooter Games in Roblox

Below is a list of the best shooter games in Roblox.

5. War Simulator

War Simulator Best Roblox shooting games

The game does what it says, simulates wars! The game is in your face with the start screen showing you a tank, plane, and a grave. A good heads-up, you land straight to a warzone, no kidding. The game gives you money every time you kill someone. You can use this money to buy the in-game gear and keep getting richer and richer. Players can also travel to different world wars once they collect enough money. The game has a philanthropy side to it and the developers give at least 10% of their revenue to charity.

4. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising Best Roblox shooting games

Zombie uprising is a dream for anyone who just wants to go out there and shoot their heart out in Roblox. You tackle groups of zombies all at once most of the time and just go on a zombie-killing spree throughout. It had a couple of character customizations and buy some dope weapons. Zombies in the form of skeletons to policemen, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to zombie characters. The game also features several loot crates, boss-type zombies, and money in-game taking  the 4th position on our Roblox Shooter Games.

3. Super Darts


With all the pretty pastels of pink, blue, purple, yellows, the game makes you a cute killer. You get into an arena with a time limit starting from approximately 8 minutes or so. The players are divided into two teams of red and blue and whichever team has the highest kills wins. You can level up in the game and unlock more weapons that have different ranges, recoils, and so on. Super Darts is another one of those shooter games in Roblox that donates a third of its revenue to charity which is very nice of them.

2. Big Paintball


Who does not like a good old paintball war? This colorful game will let you do that virtually in Roblox. You get credits every time you tag someone from the opposite team. These credits help you buy better guns. The guns are amazing and a special shout-out to the Dark Matter gun. The rules as pretty much the same as any paintball game that is played. The environment is vibrant with red and blue colors flying around. All and all a fun place to be in and one of the highest played shooter games in Roblox.

1. Polybattle


Polybattle is a first-person shooter war game in Roblox. It consists of 2 teams that go out on each other. Both the teams have their own checkpoints that they have to defend from the enemies. The team that has the most number of tickets wins the game. You can either capture their checkpoints or just turn all of them into burnt toast. The game has subtle tones of the Battlefield game and the players can access different weapons and vehicles. The game is fun and competitive making it on number 1 on Best Roblox shooting games list.

So that is all for our list of Best Roblox Shooting Games of All Time: Polybattle, Big Paintball, Super Darts, Zombie Uprising, War Simulator. If you like playing detective and want to know some cool mystery games, check this article on Best Mystery Games Of All Time (Top 10 Mystery Games).

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