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Best Roblox Simulator Games (2022)

This is a list of the top Roblox Simulator Games Of 2022

Roblox is a platform that every gamer has at least once been on. It is not just a passing trend; it is a foundation for life. Roblox has always been a safe haven where the creators and the gamers unite. It seems more approachable and the sheer simplicity of the platform is what attracts the masses. We go out there to play games and pretend to be in a fantasy world from time to time. To fuel this play pretend feeling, we have gathered a list of the best Roblox Simulator Games that are popular in 2022.

Best Roblox Simulator Games of 2022

The below-mentioned games are the best Roblox Simulator games of 2022:

Ramen Simulator

Ramen Simulator

Yes, there is a Ramen simulator in Roblox. All our noodle fans and mukbang lovers out there need to try out this game. All you gotta do is straight up eat Ramen. You keep unlocking different flavors with different heats. When your heat capacity is full you can sell it to get coins in-game. A cool part about this game is that you can breathe out fire if you eat the spicier noodles and can also perform heat jumps. If you do not want to eat alone, the game also features cute Ramen companions. A healthier way to eat all the noodles you want, don’t you think?

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator

Bzzzztt, want to pet cute boxy honeybees? This game will make you a perfect Beekeeper in no time. The game features all the real-time activities that are necessary in order to breed bees. Have swarms of pretty little bees hanging around you and show off your bee collection by collecting the rarest bees in the game. You start with an empty hive and as the game progresses, you can keep increasing the size of it and even talk to NPC bees for tasks and rewards.

Unboxing Simulator

Unboxing Simulator

We all have seen our share of Youtubers unboxing shiny new things. Now it’s our time to shine. Anyone who has unboxing on their oddly satisfying list, this game will be the one for you. You are thrown in a land of neverending boxes of all sizes and you simply go around and unbox the ones you want. Unboxing not with a mere cutter, unboxing with weapons! You can earn gifts and rewards from these boxes and even level up to unlock new areas and find uniques hats too. The game even allows you to get a pet collection.

Destruction simulator

Destruction Simulator

Pick up a couple of rocket launchers, a few bombs and just go out there and destroy everything.  That is it. No rules and no one to stop you. Buy some cool weapons and wipe out everything in your path. From skyscrapers to cars, you will level up after you destroy everything in an area and then another area unlocks and you go bam bam all over again. We personally do recommend this game as it is one of our favorites.

Billionaire Simulator

Billionaire Simulator

Who does not want to become a Billionaire? Well, let this game virtually make your dreams come true. You start with 0 amount of money selling hot dogs and then make your way to the billion-dollar amount by purchasing more businesses. You could purchase managers too to handle your newly acquired businesses. Wish that were as simple in real life as the game makes it look. It also features a number of cosmetics and pets in the game. Go earn some notes people!

Mining Simulator

Mining Simulator Best Roblox Simulator Games

Mining simulator is a game that just gets you digging for more. The game is addictive and once the players start digging, there is no stopping. You have to keep digging down in search of treasures and the lower you go the higher you level up. You get to upgrade your mining gear to some serious muscle on it and mine like a pro. By the way, you can mine with nukes in this Roblox simulator game!

Fishing Simulator

Fishing Simulator Best Roblox Simulator Games

Want a relaxing getaway where you can just travel by a lake and catch some fresh fish for dinner? The game allows you to go to islands and a whole lot of other cool places to peacefully fish and chill. You can collect any kind of fishes from sharks to smaller ones and make your own aquarium to show off your collection.

Pet Simulator

Pet Simulator Best Roblox Simulator Games

This game had to be on our list. You get to keep every kind of animal in here. This game is a paradise for animal lovers in general as the game features all kinds of types and breeds of animals to pet. You become the ultimate pet owner and virtually buying different pet eggs and hatching them. These pets collect the coins for you in the game. The game is pretty fun and one of the top played simulator games on Roblox and widely popular too.

So that will be all for our Best most played Roblox Simulator Games that are popular in 2022. If you would like to know some of the best shooter games in Roblox, check out our list of Best Roblox Shooting Games Of All Time.