How To Complete From Zero Quest In Destiny 2 Lightfall

Here is a walkthrough guide on the From Zero quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Struggling to complete the From Zero quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Then look no further. Upon completion of the quest, you will get the Iterative Loop gun. If you’re stuck and want to progress quickly, check out our walkthrough guide on this mission.

From Zero Quest Walkthrough In Destiny 2 Lightfall

You will have to complete three main objectives in the From Zero Quest. There’s quite a bit of grind needed here before you reach the end. Check out our step-by-step guide below to know how to do it quickly:

Find and Loot Three Neomuna Chests

First things first, you will have to find three chests that are strewn across Neomuna. This objective won’t be difficult as the location for each of these chests is already marked in the map. Just head to these locations and loot the chests. Refer to the image below to know the location of the 3 region chests:

neomuna chest location

Complete Activities in Neomuna

The second part of the From Zero quest in Destiny 2 Lightfall would require you to complete the activities in and around Neomuna. You will need to achieve 100% of task completion to progress to the next objective. Here is how to quickly fill up your task completion meter:

  • Complete patrols
  • Participate in public events
  • Gather chests

Out of the above, we recommend that you choose patrols as they will give you a 15% progress rate after each completion. It is also the easiest and fastest way to build your progression.

Defeat Shadow Legionary Trask in From Zero Quest – Destiny 2 Lightfall

The most important and final part of the quest is fighting the boss itself – Shadow Legionary Trask. You have to liberate the people of Neomuna from this deadly enemy. You can find him in the Esi Terminal area on the map. Just open up your Neomuna map and you will be able to set up a waypoint leading to the boss’ exact location. Once you reach the location, you will have to face the Cabal Legionary boss. Defeat him to end the last part of the quest and buckle up to receive your rewards.

After beating the boss, just head back to Striker’s Gate and speak with Nimbus. After speaking with him, the quest will come to an end. You will receive a fusion rifle – Iterative Loop gun – for your trouble.

That is everything we have for you in our From Zero quest walkthrough for Destiny 2 Lightfall. We hope you managed to complete this quest successfully. For more quest walkthroughs like these, check out how to complete the Downfall mission and how to complete the Headlong mission. Don’t forget to check out our guide on a list of all missions in Destiny 2 Lightfall.