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BG3 Free The Artist: Should You Buy Oskar Fevras?

Here's how you can complete the Free the Artist quest in Baldur's Gate 3 and save Oskar Fevras. But wait, should you really help him? Check out this guide to know.

Oskar Fevras is the Artist that you will meet during the Free The Artist Quest in Act 1 of BG3. To be able to talk to him, you first need to interact with his patron, Brem. After interacting with Brem, you can decide what happens next with Oskar Fevras in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Disclaimer: There are massive spoilers related to this quest ahead. If you want to complete the quest on your own, then I recommend you only read the first part of this guide.

Where is Brem in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Zhentarim Hideout: Brem's Location in BG3
Image Source: Map Genie

To find Brem, you will have to go to the Zhentarim Hideout. The hideout is well-hidden inside the basement of a small house near the Waukeen’s Rest waypoint. Once you meet him, interact with him to save Oskar, the Artist.

How to Complete Free the Artist Quest in BG3

During the conversation with Brem, you can buy and free Oskar from him. You can also choose not to free him but it will have its own consequences. Your decision here matters if you are looking to complete the Free the Artist quest in BG3.

  • What happens when you don’t free (buy) Oskar Fevras
    • If you choose not to free Oskar, then you won’t be getting his further quests. The only harm here is that you won’t be getting additional XP, extra cutscenes, and dialogues.
  • What happens when you free Oskar Fevras
    • If you choose to free him, he will ask you for 200 Gold so that he can reach out to the Lower City. If you give him Gold, then you’ll get his quest during Act 3. Also, you will get some sort of reward by helping him reach the Lower City. Refusing to give Oskar Fevras 200 Gold will cancel out his quest in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Oskar Fevras Location in Act 3

After helping Oskar Fevras reach the Lower City in Act 1, you will find him again during Act 3 only. You can find him in Lady Jannath’s Estate in western side of the Lower City. Jannath’s Estate is located to the north of Grey Harbour Docks.

Lady Jannath's Estate: Oskar Fevras Location in BG3
Oskar Fevras’s Location in Act 3

Once you reach there, you will get to know that Oskar Fevras is married to Jannath. However, after entering the house, you will see that Oskar’s been possessed by Kerri. Kerri is Oskar’s ex-lover who is trying to harm Jannath. So, to complete the Free the Artist quest in BG3, you need to cure Oskar’s possession by defeating the spirit. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, go Invisible and enter the haunted house of Lady Jannath.
  • Next, close in near Oskar and temporarily knock him down using Non-Lethal Attacks.
  • Once he is knocked out, collect the Key and head over to Oskar’s Atelier on the top floor.
  • The way toward the Atelier is filled with spirits that will cause you damage.
  • To avoid taking much damage, you can use movements like jumping or flight to cover maximum distance quickly.
Baldur's Gate 3 Investigating Oskar Fevras's Atelier
Image Source: Gamerpillar
  • After that, once you are in the Atelier, steal Oskar’s painting and place it on the Easel nearby.
  • Doing so will unlock a secret door in the room. Behind the door, there’s a painting of a Smiling Maiden.
  • In order to free Oskar from the possession of Kerri, you need to destroy that painting. Also, the Key collected from Oskar can be used to unlock a chest in this secret room.
  • However, this painting can only be destroyed by using the Torch of Revocation. You can get this reward by helping Mystic Carrion find Thrumbo in BG3.
  • So, destroy the Smiling Maiden painting to cure Oskar Fevras’s possession.

Now, to free Oskar, you need to convince or defeat Kerri. Kerri’s spirit (Echo of a Lost Love) can be convinced by doing some Persuasion Checks. However, if they fail, then you’ll have to defeat 2 Tormented Souls and 2 Vengeful Souls summoned by her. Successfully defeating them will finally save Oskar Fevras and complete the Free the Artist quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3 Free the Artist Rewards

Your rewards for completing the Free the Artist quest will include a painting from Oskar Fevras. While this may sound inadequate, you can steal a few precious weapons from Jannath’s Estate as compensation.

That’s all you can do to complete the Free the Artist quest and save Oskar Fevras in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). Also, I hope that you now know the importance of making the right decisions. You will be making a lot of them so I suggest you take a look at our Choices & Consequences Guide on Gamer Tweak. We have covered outcomes for all the important decisions from Baldur’s Gate 3 there.