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How To Forge Floor & Room In V Rising

Here is all that you need to do to forge a floor and room in V Rising.

Your castle in Vardoran will need to have a bunch of different rooms. Each for certain types of equipment and bonuses, for example, can reduce the smelting time in the Furnace. As your vampire wanders around, it will need to start getting organized. And a good way to start is by brushing up on your forging skills. This guide will show you how to forge a room and its floor in the popular game, V Rising.

What do you Need to Forge a Room and Floor in V Rising?


How To Forge Floor & Room In V Rising

Well, before you can forge a room in V Rising, you will need to make sure that you have the essentials. These are the requirements:

Make a Research Table


How to Get the Recipe for Forge Flooring

To unlock your floor forge recipe, you will need to get out into the world and fight enemies, and bosses, as well as look through chests in villages and camps in V Rising. If you can’t find it there then simply follow these steps:


  • Use 50 Scrolls
  • Now, go to the top of the Research Desk screen
  • Click Discover

You may get the flooring forge recipe for the same. Keep generating recipes till you get the right one. This is a pretty common recipe and so, it shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire.

How to Unlock the Paper Press in V Rising


You will need a Research Table and the Recipe to Forge Flooring, you can now find out how to unlock the floor forge recipe.

Now, follow these steps to generate the recipe that you want:

  • Make sure that you unlock the study at Gear Level 35
  • Use the Paper Press to craft a piece of paper
  • Put in 4 Plant Fibre and 12 Sawdust

If you are at Gear Level 35 and still unable to unlock the study then track down Nicholaus the Fallen. You can easily do that by using your Blood Altar to defeat him. By doing this, you will easily get the Study.

Now, collect the following to build the Study:

Get crafting as you get 75 Scrolls to unlock your recipe. Once you’ve unlocked the items required, you can now use these recipes Forge a room and Flooring in V Rising. Create a medium to large room for the best effects.

Now, use the Forge Floor recipe to create bonuses for any equipment that is under the ‘Forge’ class. The equipment in this class is the furnace, simple workbench, smithy, and anvil. You will find the same at the bottom of the Build Menu. Now, you can easily get the increased production speed while decreasing the amount of resources consumed by 25%.

This was your guide on how to forge a room and flooring in V Rising. With these recipes, you can also get some bonuses for each of your Forge equipment. For more V Rising articles, check out this one on how to get Primal Blood Essence.