How To Craft Flying Companion Feeder In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Check out how to make a Flying Companion Feeder for your adorable Companions in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game tailor-made for Disney super fans. Placed on a massive map filled with iconic Disney locations, players will meet and interact with their favorite Disney characters. Along the way, players can unlock small creatures called Companions that can follow you along your journey through the Dreamlight Valley. The game lets you even craft items for your Companions. Let’s look at how you can craft a Flying Companion Feeder In Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Make Flying Companion Feeder in Disney Dreamlight Valley

how to craft a flying companion feeder in Disney dreamlight valley

The new Pride of the Valley update has added a ton of new quests, recipes, and items to the game. Players can now craft Animal Companion items that they can use to interact with their Companions. A Flying Companion Feeder is one such item for your Flying Companions like Sunbirds and Ravens. Here are the items you’ll need to collect to craft the Flying Companion Feeder in Dreamlight Valley:

  • 5 Clay
  • 5 Wheat
  • 5 Softwood
  • 2 Red Bell Flower

Softwood can be collected from the open ground near trees in locations like the Forest of Valor, Plaza, and Peaceful Meadow. Clay can be collected by digging around the Sunlit Plateau and the Forgotten Lands, while Wheat can be grown from seeds you can buy from Goofy’s Store in Peaceful Meadow. Players can then look around the Forest of Valor to collect Red Bell Flowers.

To place their crafted Companion Items, players will have to first craft a Cozy Companion Home. Make your way to the crafting station and select the item, place it in an area you want your Companions to live in. You can now select the Flying Companion Feeder item from the Functional Items tab of the Crafting Recipes option. Place the item in your Cozy Companion Home and watch your adorable Companions eat to their heart’s content.

That’s all we have on how you can craft a Flying Companion Feeder in Dreamlight Valley. Check out our The Great Gathering Quest Guide and other Dreamlight Valley guides here on Gamer Tweak.