Flexible Reinforcement Budget Helldivers 2 – Explained

Helldivers 2 has a Booster Mechanism, a kind of Special Modifiers that can be used to get some extra bonuses. These bonuses are applied to the entire Team, for example, a resistance to injury. If you equip this booster before the battle, it will be equally applied to every member of the team. Flexible Reinforcement Budget is one of the boosters available in Helldivers 2. In this guide, you can learn more about how Flexible Reinforcement Budget works in Helldivers 2. It is a beneficial booster or there are better ones.

What is Flexible Reinforcement Budget Booster?

Helldivers 2 Boosters

Flexible Reinforcement Budget reduces the time until new reinforcements are granted once they’ve been depleted. It will reduce the refill of the reinforcement stratagem by 15 seconds. It does not have any major impact on the gameplay as there are more useful and stronger boosters in Helldivers 2. Anyhow it will take another 1 minute and 45 seconds to restore reinforcement supplies.

In place of a Flexible Reinforcement Budget, an Increased Reinforcement Budget is a much better one. It will increase the number of available reinforcements, giving you some extra support during the battle.

Here is a list of every booster in Helldivers 2 and what they do:

  • Hellpod Space Optimization – Helldivers come out of the Hellpod fully stocked on Ammo, Grenades, and Stims.
  • Vitality Enhancement – Allows all Helldivers to resist injury.
  • UAV Recon Booster – Increases all Helldivers’ effective radar range.
  • Stamina Enhancement – Increases all Helldivers’ stamina capacity and recovery.
  • Muscle Enhancement – Allows all Helldivers to traverse difficult terrain with ease.
  • Increased Reinforcement Budget – Increases the number of available reinforcements.
  • Flexible Reinforcement Budget – Reduces time until new reinforcements are granted once they’ve been depleted.

Once a booster is equipped the same cannot be used by another member of the team. Do ask your teammates to grab one before entering into the match, so that every player can get some additional buff during the game. It is no use to keep the booster slot empty if there is one unlocked in a player’s profile.

If you are completely new to boosters then you can check Helldivers 2 Booster Beginners Guide, to know more in detail before joining a public game. Also do check about how to get Armor Piercing Round, which is quite an important topic in Helldivers 2. These rounds will help you to deal with bigger and stronger enemies.