DBD Flashlight Locker Bug Kill Switched By Dead By Daylight Devs

The DBD Flashlight locker bug or exploit is finally kill switched by the Dead by Daylight developers.

Many players had their fun with the DBD Flashlight Locker bug until it got axed by the Dead by Daylight developers. With the entire community abusing the Flashlight Locker exploit in-game against the killers, the players were almost invincible. Due to this horrible glitch, players were using this exploit to win public matches. As a result, the matches had balance issues and complaints from the community to fix this bug. So, it was inevitable for Behaviour Interactive to remove this bug from Dead by Daylight. But alongside this bug, the devs also axed many other in-game items and perks.

DBD Flashlight Locker Bug Kill Switched by Devs

dbd flashlight locker bug

The Survivors using the DBD Flashlight Locker flashlight bug could enter the locker without triggering the animation. Once the players got into the locker, there was no way the Killers could get inside or attack the Survivors. To stall time, the survivors could move around the locker box becoming invincible. This resulted in a great number of Killer players disconnecting from the servers as the Survivors abused this exploit.

While the players think the DBD devs don’t care, they listened to these pleas finally. So, the devs kill-switched the Flashlights alongside three perks in Dead by Daylight with their recent update.

Here are the following things that are currently kill-switched:

  • Flashlights
  • Dramaturgy Perk (Nicolas Cage)
  • Appraisal Perk (Zarina Kassir)
  • Residual Manifest Perk (Haddie Kaur)

But don’t worry, the devs are not planning to permanently axe the above in-game items and perks. The devs are working to resolve this exploit according to their recent announcement on Twitter and Reddit. So, we suggest being patient until the devs resolve this issue.

That’s all about the DBD Flashlight Locker bug. If you enjoyed reading this, check out our guides to find out what time the rank resets, and explore more Dead by Daylight Guides and News articles right here on Gamer Tweak.

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