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DBD Rank Reset: What Time Does Dead By Daylight Rank Reset?

Want to know when you can receive your Bloodpoint rewards? Here is the rank reset time in Dead by Daylight.

If you want to know when the Dead by Daylight rank reset takes place, then you’re at the right place. Even though it belongs to the survival horror genre, Behaviour Interactive’s popular game is still pretty competitive. This was made possible with the addition of rank grades. So, whether you’re a Survivor or a Killer, you will receive rewards at the end of the rank reset. But how does this whole system work? And more importantly, when is the rank reset time in DBD? Read our guide below to find the answer.

Dead By Daylight DBD Rank Reset Time

dead by daylight rank reset and all rewards

The Dead by Daylight rank reset takes place on the 13th of each month. The grade reset usually happens at midnight local time. But this keeps changing depending on which timezone you follow. So, you will always have around a month of time to rank as high as possible for better rewards. If the grade system still confuse you, have a look at how it works and all the rewards that you can get.

How Does DBD Rank Reset Work

Whether you have played as a Survivor or a Killer, you will receive individual rewards for both on the 13th of every month during the DBD reset time. Grade can be increased by earning Pips which are in turn gained by earning Emblems in each Trial. You will also receive Bloodpoints after completing each match. When the DBD rank resets on the 13th of each month, you will be awarded Bloodpoints based on your Killer and Survivor Rank. Here are the amount of Bloodpoints you can earn depending on your rank.

Dead By Daylight Grade Rewards List

Here are all the rewards that you can expect after each rank reset in DBD.

Grade Bloodpoints
Ash IV 10,000
Ash III 20,000
Ash II 35,000
Ash I 50,000
Bronze IV 100,000
Bronze III 125,000
Bronze II 150,000
Bronze I 175,000
Silver IV 250,000
Silver III 280,000
Silver II 310,000
Silver I 340,000
Gold IV 400,000
Gold III 450,000
Gold II 500,000
Gold I 550,000
Iridescent IV 700,000
Iridescent III 800,000
Iridescent II 900,000
Iridescent I 1,000,000

That’s everything covered on the Dead by Daylight Rank Reset time. We hope that this guide helped you. If you want to unlock new perks, then check out the DBD Shrine of Secrets this week. And for all other tips and tricks, refer to our dedicated Dead by Daylight section.

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