Dead By Daylight Killers List (All Powers & Perks)

Here is the list of every killer in Dead by Daylight. Also check out their powers, perks, and real names.

As an asymmetric multiplayer survival horror online game, Dead by Daylight gives you plenty of killers to choose from. A killer has to play 1v4, that is, you are against 4 survivors, so the odds of winning are against you. And that’s why it is important each killer has good enough abilities which lets them catch these survivors and eventually sacrifice them in hopes of winning. So without further ado, below is quick information on every killer in the game.

Dead By Daylight All Killers

DBD Killers List all Perks and Powers

Below are all 31 Killers, their real names, powers, and perks.

Killer Name Power Perks
Trapper Evan MacMillan Bear Traps Unnerving Presence
Brutal Strength
Wraith Philip Ojomo Wailing Bell Predator
Hillbilly Max Thompson Jr. Chainsaw Enduring
Nurse Sally Smithson Spencer’s Last Breath Stridor
A Nurse’s Calling
Shape Michael Myers Evil Within Save The Best For Last
Play With Your Food
Dying Light
Hag Lisa Sherwood Blackened Catalyst Hex: The Third Seal
Hex: Ruin
Hex: Devour Hope
Doctor Herman Carter Carter’s Spark Overwhelming Presence
Monitor and Abuse
Huntress Anna Hunting Hatchets Beast of Prey
Territorial Imperative
Hex: Huntress Lullaby
Cannibal Bubba Sawyer Bubba’s Chainsaw Knock Out
Barbecue & Chilli
Franklin’s Demise
Nightmare Freddy Krueger Dream Demon Fire Up
Remember Me
Blood Warden
Pig Amanda Young Jigsaw’s Baptism Hangman’s Trick
Make Your Choice
Clown Jeffrey Hawk The Afterpiece Tonic Bamboozle
Pop Goes The Weasel
Spirit Rin Yamaoka Yamaoka’s Haunting Spirit Fury
Hex: Haunted Ground
Legion Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey Feral Frenzy Discordance
Mad Grit
Iron Maiden
Plague Adiris Vile Purge Corrupt Intervention
Infectious Fright
Dark Devotion
Ghost Face Danny Johnson Night Shroud I’m All Ears
Thrilling Tremors
Furtive Chase
Demogorgon Demogorgon Of the Abyss Jolt
Oni Kazan Yamaoka Yamaoka’s Wrath Zanshin Tactics
Blood Echo
Deathslinger Caleb Quinn The Redeemer Gearhead
Dead Man’s Switch
Hex: Retribution
Executioner Pyramid Head Rites of Judgement Forced Penance
Trail of Torment
Blight Talbot Grimes Blighted Corruption Dragon Grip
Hex: Blood Favour
Hex: Undying
Twins Charlotte & Victor Deshayes Blood Bond Hoarder
Coup de Grace
Trickster Ji-Woon Hak Showstopper Starstruck
Hex: Crowd Control
No Way Out
Nemesis Nemesis T-Type T-Virus Lethal Pursuer
Cenobite Elliot Spencer Summons of Pain Deadlock
Hex: Plaything
Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain
Artist Carmina Mora Birds of Torment Grim Embrace
Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance
Hex: Pentimento
Onryō Sadako Yamamura Deluge of Fear Call Of Brine
Merciless Storm
Scourge Hook: Floods Of Rage
Dredge Dredge Reign of Darkness Septic Touch
Darkness Revealed
Mastermind Albert Wesker Virulent Bound Superior Anatomy
Awakened Awareness
Knight Tarhos Kovács Guardia Compagnia Nowhere To Hide
Hex: Face The Darkness
Skull Merchant Adriana Imai Eyes in the Sky Thwack
Game Afoot

With this, you are covered with the absolute basics of every Killer. For more on them, you should also find our guide useful on the best Killer builds. And since you are into this game you should also check out all the DBD Codes, and our Dead By Daylight section.