How To Fix LoL Username Or Password Is Incorrect Error

Not able to get into your LoL account? Then check out how you can fix the Username & Password is incorrect error easily.

You’re not alone, many players are facing the Username or Password incorrect issue in League of Legends that they’re unable to fix. As many users are getting the same error, it’s highly unlikely that the accounts are being hacked. It seems there’s something else causing this problem. However, it’s still best to make sure the issue doesn’t lie on your end. And for that, there are a few workarounds that may help you fix and remove the Username or Password is incorrect error in LoL.

How to Fix Username or Password is Incorrect in League of Legends

How to Fix Username or Password is Incorrect in League of Legends Credentials

Here are all the possible solutions to fix the Username or Password is incorrect error in League of Legends. Before you dive right into it, ensure there is no ongoing server maintenance, or else your efforts may go to waste. If the servers are working fine, then let’s start with the fixes.

  • Ensure your Account’s Region
  • Double Check Credentials
  • Reinstall the Game
  • Change Password
  • Install & Run Hextech Repair Tool

These were all the possible solutions that can help you get rid of the bug. For a better understanding, below we have explained the above-mentioned methods in detail.

Ensure your Account’s Region

The very first thing that you should check is your LoL account region. The username & password issue is usually occurring for new users. And there’s a chance the players might’ve made their account in a different region using a proxy. So that might be the culprit causing the issue. In this situation, simply go ahead and change the region of your LoL account.

Double Check Username & Password

Another thing you might be missing is double-checking the Credentials you’re entering. There can also be a chance that the password or username you’re entering is wrong or the Capslock of your keyboard is On. If that’s not the case, then let’s move on to the next solution.

Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling the game has worked for many players so why not just give it a try? Doing so will remove all the temporary cache and bugs that can be restricting you from joining the game. So this simple solution just might be the fix for Username or Password is incorrect error in League of Legends.

Change Password

Players can also try changing their account password and see if the issue persists. If you’re not familiar with the process then scroll down for steps.

  1. First, go to the Riot Client login page.
  2. Next, click on the Can’t Sign in option located below the arrow button.
  3. After that, select the Forgot Password option.
  4. Then, enter your Username and press the Arrow button.
  5. Once done, go to your registered Email ID and check for the Riot password change request email.
  6. And after that, click on the Link you’ve got in the email.
  7. It’ll redirect you to the Password Change page.
  8. There, enter your new password and try to log in to your account again.

Install & Run Hextech Repair Tool

If you’re still getting the error, then go ahead and download Hextech Repair Tool from Riot’s official page. This is a troubleshooting tool developed by Riot Games itself to remove small bugs & errors. After installing the tool simply launch it and there you see all the troubleshooting checkboxes. And in order to start analyzing simply press Start and that’ll do the trick.

If the issue is still not fixed then we advise you to reach out to the Riot Support Team for further assistance. That sums up all the solutions to fix the Username or Password is incorrect error in League of Legends. Till the issue is getting resolved take a look at the list of new LoL Skins. Also, check out who are the Best champions in the game.