League Of Legends (LOL) Tier List Of Best Champion Characters

Find all the best characters in League Of Legends (LoL) in this tier list.

Looking for the best characters tier list in League of Legends (LoL)? Well, you need not look any further. In this tier list, we will show you all of the best champion characters. We will rank these characters from tiers S to C. Tier S features the best champion characters, and tier C features the worst and least-recommended champions in the game. With the help of this list, you will be able to pick the right characters the next time you play LoL.

League Of Legends (LOL) Best Champions Characters Tier List


S Tier Champions in League of Legends (LoL)

The S tier in this League of Legends Champions list features the best characters this game has to offer. With the help of these characters, you will be able to receive the best performance. You will absolutely enjoy playing LoL with these characters, so we totally recommend you use them.

S Miss Fortune
S Xin Zhao
S Fiddlesticks
S Annie
S Vladimir
S LeBlanc
S Soraka
S Teemo
S Ashe
S Morgana
S Anivla
S Singed
S Jax
S Amumu
S Evelynn
S Rammus
S Sona
S Shaco
S Trundle
S Irella
S Dr. Mundo
S Shaco
S Malphite
S Kassadin
S Blitzcrank
S Maokal
S Wukong
S Skarner
S Vayne
S Nocturne
S Katarina
S Elise
S Lee Sin
S Lux
S Poppy
S Nasus
S Yorick
S Leona
S Shen
S Talon
S Ahri
S Fizz
S Flora
S Darlus
S Lulu
S Kha’Zix
S Graves
S Ziggs
S Sylas
S Nami
S Yuumi
S Thresh
S Xayah
S Lillla
S Yone
S Sett
S Samira
S Aatrox
S Tahm Kench
S Senna
S Zed
S Jhln
S Kindred
S Vlego
S Lissandra
S Diana
S Quinn
S Zyra
S Kayn
S Yasuo
S Camille
S Zac

A Tier Champions in League of Legends (LoL)

The A-tier Champion characters in LoL are pretty decent too. These characters offer quite nice performance and they have great stats too. They only have a few drawbacks, because of which they miss out on the S tier.

A Ivern
A Rell
A Bard
A Warwick
A Olaf
A Urgot
A Gallo
A Allstar
A Slon
A Kayle
A Master YI
A Swain
A Nunu & Wlllump
A Velgar
A Zllean
A Karthus
A Cho’Gath
A Karma
A Janna
A Renekton
A Brand
A Caitlyn
A Nidalee
A Rumble
A Jarvan IV
A Casslopela
A Helmerdinger
A Pantheon
A Udyr
A Garen
A Riven
A Kog’Maw
A Akall
A Kennen
A Malzahar
A Nautilus
A Draven
A Hecarim
A Xerath
A Vollbear
A Kal’Sa
A Aurellon Sol
A Gnar
A Seraphine
A Illaol
A Rek’Sal
A Tallyah
A Ekko
A Kled
A Qlyana

B Tier

The B-tier characters in this LoL tier list can be considered average at best. These characters are neither the worst nor are they anywhere near the best. They just manage to get out of the C tier because of a few stats. You should only use these characters if you have no other option and are planning to upgrade soon.

B Taric
B Gragas
B Tristana
B Sivir
B Twisted Fate
B Twitch
B Orlanna
B Tryndamere
B Mordekalser
B Rengar
B Braum
B Zoe
B Jayce
B Vel’Koz
B Shyvana
B Sejuani
B Rakan
B Gwen
B Ornn
B Neeko
B Pyke

C Tier

The C tier features the worst characters in League of Legends (LoL) We do not recommend you use these characters at all, especially because of the fact they are of little help to you.

C Aphellos
C Azir
C Varus
C Ryze
C Kalista
C Corki
C Gangplank
C Syndra

So there you have it. This was our tier list of all of the best character Champions in League of Legends (LoL). You can use this list to help make the right choice the next time you play the game. If you found this compilation helpful, check out our Tier Lists for your favorite games.

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