Fix Destiny 2 Top Of Class & Competitive Catalyst Not Working

By Shubham
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Facing progression issues with the Top of Class quest in Destiny 2 can be a big trouble for the players working their way to the Competitive Catalyst quest. With the recent Guardian Games, players have started grinding on the Top of Class to unlock the Heir apparent catalyst. Once you earn the medallions and complete the quest, you should receive the Competitive Catalyst quest. But sadly, due to a bug, Guardian players are unable to complete the first step of earning medallions and progress further. While players are depositing multiple medallions, they are unable to advance through the quest. Not to worry, as there is a fix for the Destiny 2 Top of Class and Competetive Catalyst not progressing issue. So, check out our guide to find out the solution or workaround to this issue.

Competitive Catalyst & Top of Class in Destiny 2 Not Working Fix

top of class destiny 2 not working competitive catalyst

Fortunately, Bungie has acknowledged the Top of Class in Destiny 2 not working issue. They are currently committed to resolving the Medallion progression and have a temporary workaround in store for the players facing issues with other Guardian games’ quests like the Competitive Catalyst in Destiny 2. According to their official tweet, you can advance your medallion progression further by earning Bronze Medallions in the Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist.

The Competitive Catalyst quest is also dropping for players who already earned the Heir Apparent Catalyst in a previous Guardian. According to Bungie’s Player Support report, this quest can be safely dismantled. So, players that have received the Heir Apparent in earlier Guardian Games can deposit their medallions at the Tower’s podium.


As for how long it takes for Bungie to resolve this progression, only time will tell. But let’s hope Bungie resolves these issues as soon as possible. Until then, you can check out the start & end release dates of all seasons in Destiny 2. We will update this guide as soon as these issues are resolved.

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