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Destiny 2 Red Border Neomuna Weapons: How To Get Them

Want to farm Deepsight Neomuna weapons? Here's how you can get the Red Border Neomuna weapons in Destiny 2.

Are you looking for how to get the Destiny 2 Red Border Neomuna weapons? Don’t fret, as we have got you all covered. As the Neomuna weapons have lesser crafting & farming ways, many D2 players have concluded that these weapons are not dropping anytime soon. These weapons include great weapons such as Volta Bracket, Circular Logic, Dimensional Hypotrochoid, and more. But while these Deepsight Neomuna weapons are hard to come by, there are some ways to farm and obtain them easily. So, check out our guide below to know everything about it.

How to Get the Red Border Neomuna Weapons in Destiny 2

get destiny 2 red border neomuna weapons

Currently, there are eight Neomuna weapons in Destiny 2 that you can get and grind for. Out of these weapons, only five Neomuna weapons can be crafted during the Lightfall campaign. These weapons are as follows:

  • Round Robin
    • Weapon Type: Strand Hand Cannon
  • Volta Bracket
    • Weapon Type: Strand Sniper Rifle
  • Iterative Loop
    • Weapon Type: Arc Fusion Rifle
  • Phyllotactic Spiral
    • Weapon Type: Arc Pulse Rifle
  • Dimensional Hypotrochoid
    • Weapon Type: Stasis Grenade Launcher

Aside from these craftable Neomuna weapons, there are three Neomuna Red Border weapons you can obtain by farming them. So, here’s how you can farm these weapons:

  • Synchronic Roulette: Can be found at Terminal Overload during Liming Harbor activity.
    • Weapon Type: Strand Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
  • Circular Logic: Can be found at Terminal Overload during Zephyr Concourse activity.
    • Weapon Type: Strand Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
  • Basso Ostinato: Can be found at Terminal Overload during Ahimsa Park activity.
    • Weapon Type: Void Shotgun

If you are looking for more farming methods for Neomuna weapons, scroll till the end.

Best Ways to Farm Red Border Neomuna Weapons

Here are some methods you can farm the Red Border Neomuna weapons in Destiny 2:

Completing Lightfall quests

While the drop rates of Neomuna weapons are relatively less, almost every Lightfall mission rewards you with them. You can complete side quests such as From Zero to get an Iterative Loop weapon.

Heroic Patrols

Here’s a guaranteed way to get the Neomuna weapons with an increased Red Border chance. You can find these Patrols on the Neomuna planet with a yellow or gold icon. Clearing out these Heroic Patrols offer a high chance of getting the Neomuna weapons with Deepsight Resonance.

Increase Reputation towards Nimbus

You can increase your reputation towards Nimbus to farm the Red border Neomuna weapons in Destiny 2. As raising this reputation rewards you with Nimbus engrams, use them to get several Neomuna weapons. To increase your reputation, you can complete different Lightfall quests along with Neomuna bounties. Furthermore, opening different chests and caches also rewards Reputation for Nimbus.

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