Destiny 2 Secret Mission: How To Unlock Vexcalibur Node

Here's how you can unlock the Secret Mission and get your hands on the exotic Vexcalibur Glaive in Destiny 2.

Are you looking to unlock the Secret Exotic Mission in Destiny 2? Then you have just arrived at the right place. In the past, Bungie has surprised us with various seasonal objectives rewarding with exotic weapons. With the release of Season of Defiance, can obtain an exotic weapon known as Vexcalibur Glaive. However, you first need to unlock the Secret Mission known as //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//. Since there are no directions given to you through which you can start this mission, you might need a bit of assistance there. Here’s everything you should know.

How to Unlock the “//NODE.OVRD.AVALON//” Secret Mission in Destiny 2

In order to unlock //NODE.OVRD.AVALON//, you will have to collect 6 Vex Cubes. These Vex Cubes are found floating around the Gulch, EDZ region. These Vex Cubes appear as shiny white cubes. Upon collecting the 1st cube, you will see a 2-digit number along with 5 “??” appear on the left side of the screen. Collecting all the 6 Vex Cubes will fill the 2-digit numbers in place of those question marks. Also, you need to be quick because once you collect the 1st cube, you will have almost 25 seconds to collect the others. Further, that complete code will let you access the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// secret mission in Destiny 2.

Just to let you know that the location of the cubes is not marked on the map either. But don’t worry, all of them are close to each other. For your reference, we have marked their location in the image below:

How to Unlock the "//NODE.OVRD.AVALON//" Secret Mission in Destiny 2

Once you have collected all the Vex Cubes, you can see a large white glitch-like storm appear in the sky. Follow that storm and you will find a cave right under that. Now, head inside the cave > get over the ledge above > and land on the ground. After that, you can see the prompt that will let you start the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// secret mission in Destiny 2.

Completing this mission will later reward you with the exotic Vexcalibur Glaive sword. Although, there will be several obstacles once you spawn into the Vex network in this mission. So, stay prepared for anything and everything. At last, you need to beat the Brakion Boss Fight & finally claim the special Vexcalibur Glaive in Destiny 2.

You can also check out this video by Esoterickk (YouTube) for a visual reference:

That covers everything on how to unlock the Secret Mission & get Vexcalibur Glaive in Destiny 2. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Destiny 2 Guides on Gamer Tweak.