Palworld Single Shot Rifle Not Showing Up – How To Fix

Not able to find the Single Shot Rifle for crafting in Palworld? Check out here to know why and how to fix it.

In Palworld, you can craft a Single Shot Rifle after unlocking it at Technology Level 36. However, some players have addressed an issue where this weapon does not show up in the Production Assembly Line for crafting, even after unlocking it. This problem can arise only when you are missing a step or due to a bug. Well, whatever it is, you will find a way to fix it in our guide.

So check out below to learn how to fix the issue where the Single Show Rifle is not showing up in Palworld.

How to Fix Single Shot Rifle Not Showing Up in Palworld

If it weren’t from the community, we wouldn’t know that it is indeed a bug. According to several players on Reddit and Steam Community, the Single Shot Rifle is there but is represented with a different icon. The Technology Tree shows that the Single Shot Rifle is represented with an Automatic Assault Rifle icon. But that is false.

The Single Shot Rifle’s icon looks like a black-colored Musket. For your reference, we have added the actual icon of the Single Shot Rifle below:

Single Shot Rifle in Palworld
The image on the right shows the correct Single Shot Rifle Icon. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

From the above image, it is clear that the developers made a mistake, creating confusion among the players. So, in reality, the Single-Shot Rifle has always been there, but with a different icon. Also, let me tell you that you will need the Production Assembly Line 2 to craft this weapon. So, if you don’t have it, get the blueprint at Technology Level 32.

So if the Single Shot Rifle is not showing up in Palworld, I suggest you take a look again. Aside from this, did you know that you can get weapons for your Pals as well? If not, then check out our guide to learn more about it.